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I read a great blog post this week that focuses on the media outlet overload that we content and video marketers often experience. It is part of a series called,...

I read a great blog post this week that focuses on the media outlet overload that we content and video marketers often experience. It is part of a series called, “Build Your Platform,” by Chris Brogan that speaks to the media distribution oversaturation that is suffocating us.

Video marketers are content marketers, and we’re always looking for another way to get eyes on our product. But spreading ourselves thinly over the plethora of social and media distribution networks could prove detrimental to our marketing goals — and our sanity!

Brogan basically breaks it down like this: if you want to build a serious digital presence, use a handful of social media networks to expertly build your story, your relationships and interactions, and rise up from being just another voice in the stream of social hubbub.

Key points to keep in mind when building your social media presence follow:

1. Build your platform.
Create useful, interesting information and select the best possible outlet to package and distribute that media. So, for example, create a product demo video that showcases your software. Then post the video to your web site, Facebook and Google+ and provide your email address for people to contact you to inquire about how to purchase.

2. Create useful information.
This is one of the basics. People want to learn how to improve their lives either. So in our case, create video content that either solves a problem, satisfies their insecurities or feeds their desires. One useful tidbit: the information you create and distribute is the framework that drives your intent to acquire new clients. Keep that in mind when deciding what kind of content you want to put in your video and how you want it framed.

3. Choose your media.
You have to choose your platforms. Will it be video? Articles? Brief information? Select how you want to reach people, with what medium and where you will reach them. Will it be via a blog, video channel or social media network?

4. Choose your method of distribution.
Make sure you are optimizing your content so that you can reach people through any outlet you choose. Optimize your site for mobile and choose a few distribution methods, i.e. a blog, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and a free newsletter. Nice recipe, Chris.

5. Encourage interactions.
Make it easy for people to comment, reply and engage with you. Open the gates of communication between you and your potential buyers.

6. Drive toward targeted results.
That means you have to have a target. Create benchmarks for your content/media and then actively pursue those goals with that particular piece of content. Splendid goals include encouraging sign-up for a blog’s RSS feed (have you subscribed do DemoFlick’s RSS feed yet?), encouraging signups for newsletters and bookmarking a particular site.

This blog was the first in a series of blog posts that focus on improving your communication and business efforts in 2012. Read the full article here.


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