Sizzling List of Developer Conferences on Our Hit List

Maybe you’re a lone developer creating amazing apps for the world out of your basement. Or a corporate employee by day and a code king by night … or maybe...

Maybe you’re a lone developer creating amazing apps for the world out of your basement. Or a corporate employee by day and a code king by night … or maybe you’re a software programmer-slash-designer extraordinaire. Whatever the case may be, attending an industry conference is a great way to get out of your cave and switch things up a bit.

We know, we know. Attending an offline seminar can be a tough call because of the financial, not to mention time investment. But attending an event filled with like-minded individuals can have a hugely positive impact on your skills and business.

Check it out. When you’re at an event (especially a well-organized one) you get to have some face time with industry leaders. Putting it bluntly, people are not avatars. Point blank, the best way to make real connections is always going to be face-to-face.

Plus, conferences give you a chance to learn with minimized distractions. Unlike a webinar or online course, live conferences force you to stop multi-tasking and concentrate on the material at hand. You’ll be surprised at what a huge difference this can make in your business. Indeed, as a bonus you’ll be learning strategies and skills that are actually working. At live events people relax and will often share ideas with fellow attendees that they might be less apt to share over the phone or via email.

We could go on and on about why attending live developer conferences is beneficial to you, but you get the idea. Now for what was promised in the headline, here’s a list of sizzling developer conferences that are on our hit list. We’re haven’t listed the dates or locations only because they vary year by year, but we’ve hyperlinked to each of the events’ pages so you can snag the details and subscribe to get updates; bookmark this page and use it for reference — we’ll continue to add to and update the list as time goes on.

A Ruby, Java, Python, PHP and .NET conference.

An Event Apart
Intensely educational two-day learning session. Focus is on code, content, usability and design. Look forward to being inspired.

Web-5 Conference
WebGL, HTML5, JavaScript, SocketIO, Dojo Toolkit and other new technologies conference.

Typo Conferences
Design, culture, society “with a little bit of kerning,” wrapped up into a series of international design conferences.

A London-based software development conference for developers, architects, project managers and team leads. Subject matter includes Architecture, Agile, Mobile, HTML5, .NET, Java.

DrupalCon Denver
The Official Conference of the Drupal community.

Photoshop World Conference & Expo
Three-day conference with training classes led by experts from around the world.

Breaking Development
Web development and design for mobile devices conference.

140 Character Conference
Conference that focuses on real-time Internet.

Gravity Free
A web design conference.

CMS Expo
Content Management Systems, CMS developer and mobile, social conference.

Adobe experts in InDesign present insight on topics including interactive documents, print, eBooks and more.

A content strategy conference.

WebVision Portland
Mobile design, user experience, technology, DIY, content strategy and more.

D2W Conference
“Designer/Developer/Mobile Workflow conference”

A Web Afternoon
Think TED, for web.

O’Reilly Fluent Conference
JavaScript conference focusing on Web, mobile, desktop and more.

Big Design Conference
Three-day conference focusing on strategy, UX and code development.

Eyeo Festival
A conference for creative coders, data viz pros, artists and designers.

Valio Con
A web conference on the beach.

Front-End Design Conference
A conference dedicated to content, presentation and behavior for the web development and design communities.

Reasons to be Creative
A conference for designers, coders and creative artists showcasing internationally renowned experts in code, design, art and education.

HOW Design Live
A gathering of freelancers, designers, creative team managers and creative professionals.

Google I/O
Meet with Google developers and engineers during live sessions.

Rich Internet Application Conference for web and mobile developers and architects of all levels.

Conference that explores the industry’s latest trends, training and information.

This one’s a killer party that focuses on JavaScript technology and networking.

A conference that focuses on everything WordPress.

SES Conference & Expo
Global series of events that educates attendees in social and search marketing with special focus on best practices and tactics.

In Control Conference
Conference focuses on modern tools and techniques for Web crafting. Events pivots on creative inspiration, innovation and broadening reach.

Two-day conference focusing on digital media and strategy. Conference is held bi-annually at each of four regional event locations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

A sort-of summer camp for startups

PHP UK Conference
A two-day even run by PHP London.

Usability Week
Six days of deep learning and full-day tutorials led by international experts.

OpenCF Summit
Learn about free software CFML engines, the free software movement, and interact with the most progressive thinkers in the CFML community.

FITC Amsterdam
Event features international experts presenting on design, technology and interactivity.

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