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With a video strategy package, we’ll analyze your business and develop a plan to maximize value for your budget. It’s the best place to start to create a video plan that delivers a strong ROI.

Every Video Strategy Package includes the following:

Two zoom strategy sessions
Custom-crafted strategic video plan that you can use as a blueprint for years to come.
Learn how, why, and where to use videos on your website and online.
Types of Video – Learn how and when to use animation vs. live action vs. screencasts.
Discounts on future services
Remove stress with a team of experts working on your business

Demoflick Services

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Video Strategy Session

We’ll deliver a comprehensive video strategy that works for your business.

Animated Explainer Videos

A classic, all-encompassing value proposition pitch that tells your story.

Mobile App Demos

A creative video to demo your App, so people get it right away.

Explainer Videos with Live Action Stock Footage

Our creative team curates 4K video and motion graphics to suit your message.

Brand Videos

High-level brand videos infused with emotion to build credibility and trust.

Live Action Explainer/TV

An video explainer, complete with actors, locations, sets and storyboards.

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Feeling stuck? We transform story ideas into actionable storyboards.

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Branding Guidelines & Logos

Our team can design your logo and develop brand guideline booklets.

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Seasoned writers take on blogs, web copy, screenplays and brochures.

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Graphic Design Services

From brochures to tip sheets, our designers are tried and true.

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Custom Web Illustrations

Whether it’s a custom graphic for web or print, our illustrators are magic.

Screencast/Platform Videos

Explain your UI succinctly for training, onboarding and technical content.

Platform Sizzle Reel

An engaging ad, with quick movements, key features, and music that pops.

MoGraph Explainer Videos

Communicate how your App works and why it matters to your audience.

Live Action Interviews

Interview videos filmed on location or remotely with your team or clients.

Live Action Interviews Produced via Zoom

Cost Effective solution that helps you showcase your client’s testimonial at a fraction of the cost of hiring a crew.

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