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Startup videos are among the most common types of videos we put together for clients. With an endless number of apps available for download on the app store and new...
startup videos
Startup videos are among the most common types of videos we put together for clients. With an endless number of apps available for download on the app store and new idea becoming a startup business, startups need to not only differentiate themselves and their products, but they must also differentiate their marketing and product awareness. One great way for startups to separate from the crowds is to publish a video that educates the audience and promotes your product. Explainer videos are perfect for startups, which require the ability to articulate their value proposition in clear and concise terms. Where it requires and allows for a long meeting to convey the value of a startup firm’s product or service to a group of investors, members of the target audience have only seconds to spare. This, of course, makes explainer video content all that much more important for startups and new businesses. We’ve had the opportunity to produce many startup videos since launching in 2011. Here are 5 that helped the startups build awareness and gain momentum in their space:


A Saas startup in the email space, Bluevogel asked us to showcase its easy-to-use and intuitive system for creating personalized sales emails at scale. We focused on the messaging and copywriting in producing this video to highlight the what, why, and how behind Bluevogel.


Most, if not all, startups are created to solve a problem. Freebird, a travel app that provides customers flight coverage and rebooking options, is one of those startups. In producing an explainer video for Freebird, we highlighted the negatives its product solves, ensuring potential customers can understand its value.


Everyone hates slow websites. Shazooma solves that issue. Much like our strategy in producing the startup video for Freebird, we took to highlighting the problem Shazooma solves. Lack of speed online can hurt a business in a number of ways. We take the target audience through that pain prior to presenting Shazooma as the solution to it.


For many startup videos, education is crucial. Being first to market has its advantages, but it also has its downfalls. With our production of Buro’s startup video, the aim was to explain the app’s ability to help you rent your unused items to make money.


Some startups have one audience, which can be helpful in devising marketing messaging for its products or services. In the case of E-Lumigent, a business-to-business sales lead tool, we honed in on the target audience and devised a startup video that featured buzzwords directed specifically towards sales leaders. Phrases like, “…anticipatory insightful business sales intelligence,” aren’t likely to resonate with all people, but they sure do with E-Lumigent’s targeted audience. Startup animation videos can, indeed, help separate early-stage businesses from their competition and the market by thoughtfully and effectively communicating the what, how, and why behind a product or service. When producing a startup video, it’s important to focus on the messaging and copywriting to ensure any intended audiences not only understand the startup’s value proposition, but it stays with them. Interested in learning more about how DemoFlick can help differentiate your business with a startup video?   See more great examples in our portfolio.  Or check out our portfolio on Vimeo.    
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