DemoFlick Terms & Conditions

  1.  Project Timeline: The client understands that DemoFlick’s product is collaborative in nature.  So, The turnaround time of each project is contingent upon client approvals. The client understands that the target date is not a deadline and certain situations may come up during the production process that delays the project.  But, in general, a typical project takes us 3-5 weeks to complete once we receive a completed creative brief. 

  2.  Payment Terms: Demoflick requires a deposit upfront to start production as agreed upon in the work order. The final balance shall be paid upon the final approval of the project or 90 days from the original order date whichever is sooner.  The client understands that DemoFlick will not release the final mp4 file until the balance has been settled. 

  3. Finished Product: The project is considered complete when a 1920 x 1080 MP4 Video File is delivered to the client. Files will be delivered through a file-sharing service such as DropBox or YouSendIt. Files will not be sent on discs.

  4. File Ownership: The client has complete ownership rights to the Mp4 and can choose to display it where they want online. However, the client does not have ownership rights to the source files. DemoFlick maintains a copy of the source files on-site and will not deliver them to the client. Ownership rights are only granted to the customer upon payment of the final balance owed. Ownership of video files will remain with DemoFlick until final approval and the final balance paid.

  5. Cancellation: DemoFlick reserves the right to cancel your order at any time and provide a complete refund.

  6. Additional Edits:  From time to time our clients come back to us after a project has been completed and request that we make edits.  We reserve the right to make edits to your video after the order is complete. There will be an hourly fee associated with any additional work beyond the original scope of the project.

  7. Watermark: DemoFlick may choose to watermark any final video drafts until payment is made in full

Production Process:

  1. DemoFlick sends a welcome email with a creative brief. 
  2. The client submits the complete creative brief to DemoFlick for review.

  3. DemoFlick will then write a script with a text-based visual direction.

  4. Client and DemoFlick will discuss the script and determine which features work best for the concept. DemoFlick will make up to 3 rounds of changes to the script.

  5. The client will provide written approval of the final script via email. 

  6. DemoFlick will then record the VoiceOver based on choices made by the client. The client will email DemoFlick their final choice for voice-over artists. DemoFlick will record two takes. The client will have the opportunity to review and ask for changes if necessary if they are unhappy with the voice talent’s performance.  If the client decides to change the script after the voice is recorded or re-recorded after the second recording session there will be a $350 Re-Record fee incurred.

  7. DemoFlick will require a version of the client’s corporate logo in EPS or AI format.

  8. Demoflick will provide either a still image or a scene board of each scene.  The client will have the opportunity to make two rounds of edits to the design.  Once we get into the animation phase the client will be allowed to make two rounds of changes to the animation preview.  Upon the client’s approval, DemoFlick will proceed on to the completion. The client will have the opportunity to review the full animation and submit two rounds of changes. If multiple rounds of changes are submitted by the client, DemoFlick reserves the right to charge additional fees based on the scope of the change request. The client will cooperate and send DemoFlick all digital assets needed to complete the work. In the event that client is late getting assets or approving sections, timelines may change, and DemoFlick may be required to position another client into the slots saved for said client.

  9. Approvals & Authorization: The client understands that there are several approvals in the process and each approval is an acknowledgment that DemoFlick can progress to the next stage. The client will have the right to choose and approve the Script with Visual Notes, Voice, Character Style, Animation Preview, Complete Version of Animation. Once a full draft/complete version of the presentation is delivered to the client they have the right to make adjustments to elements within the animation. However, the client can not decide to make widespread changes at this point to the visuals or structure of the story.  DemoFlick will then provide a quote for the additional work to complete the project.  DemoFlick will make two rounds of changes once the client receives the full draft/complete version.  Any additional changes beyond two rounds of changes will be charged to the client on an hourly basis ($150/Hour).

  10. Usage – Any video produced by DemoFlick can be used exclusively online or at trade shows/conferences. DemoFlick does not grant it’s client’s TV Broadcast rights for usage unless specifically stated in the agreement.

  11. All Sales Are Final – We operate on an “All Sales Are Final” policy due to the unique nature of our product offering. The client understands that even if we do not formally start the production of the project they will not be entitled to a refund of any kind. 

  12. Promotion of Product: DemoFlick will retain the right to use any video that we have produced in our demo reel or on our website, Vimeo, youtube, trade shows/conferences, or social media.  

  13. Forfeiture of Payment –   DemoFlick offers a collaborative product and requires that all clients fill out a creative brief and provides initial details and directions before DemoFlick can formally start a project.  If the client does not formally email us for a period of time of 6 months the client understands that they forfeit any initial payment already made to DemoFlick.
  14. Contract Priority – The client understands and agrees that DemoFlick’s terms & conditions supersede any Master Service Agreement (MSA) or other agreement signed by a representative of DemoFlick.  By signing a DemoFlick work order the client is agreeing to allow our terms & conditions to govern the order.
  15. Late Delivery/Payment
  1.  If DemoFlick is late in delivering the video when the client approves assets, scripts, and everything else, DemoFlick will make arrangements. In no event will DemoFlick be liable for more than the amount in the contract. 
  2. If a client pays after the deadline a penalty of 2% per 3 days will apply up to 15% of the gross amount. Collections and/or attorney’s fees will be collected from the client in the event of default of final payment.
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