How to Choose the Right Animation Studio for your Explainer Video

As experts in the explainer and how-to video space since 2011, here’s our guide for choosing a video animation studio to produce your explainer video.
Choosing a video animation studio can be difficult. In this day and age, marketing and communicating with your audience can be tricky.   While there are seemingly endless platforms, formats, and venues to speak to your targets, there can be an overwhelm that sets in when considering types of content and assets to produce. With so many options available to you and your marketing or product teams, producing an explainer video to communicate the value of your product or service is a great way to differentiate from competitors and ensure your pre and post-sale messaging is heard. But, where do you start? How do you produce an explainer video for your product or service?  How do you find the right explanatory video companies? As experts in the explainer and how-to video space since 2011, we’ve created thousands of videos for clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Through this experience, we’ve learned a thing or two — including the need to guide our clients through the process from concept to launch. As you consider including an explainer video or how-to video in your marketing and communication strategy, here’s our guide for choosing a video animation studio to produce your videos:

Review the Company’s Portfolio

It’s crucial to make that when choosing a video animation studio to produce your explainer video , the production company lines up with your aesthetic and overall brand. One factor to consider is the company’s diversity of style. It’s important for the agency to be able to build to your brand’s look and feel. With our clients, we align our formats with their brand. Whether we’re producing an animated explainer video, product marketing video, video infographic, mobile app demo, or training video, we cater to our clients’ unique style. Another factor to consider is the agency’s messaging structure. A strong story is the foundation for a successful animation — so, when reviewing a portfolio pay close attention to the story that the animation is telling. Does the narrative dial into the product or service’s details? Or does it stay high level or generic? The more detailed your video can get, the better. Providing your target audience with the transparent and valuable information it wants, will ensure you stand out from the competition.

Learn About the Production Process

When choosing a video animation studio to produce your videos, it’s important to consider whether or not the company you are hiring truly understands your company’s value proposition? Learn about their process to make sure it lines up with your expectations. DemoFlick takes a hands on approach during the process. Every client is assigned a Production Coordinator, who serves as your brand advocate. Throughout the entire production process, your Production Coordinator manages the coordination behind the production, ensuring the final product fits your brand’s look and feel, and narrates the story with flare.

Ask About Stock Imagery & Templates vs. Custom Made

Some video explainer production companies use stock images and templates. We avoid using pre-made templates and design our own imagery to ensure our clients’ assets are different from their competitors’. We also custom-design your video’s elements to make sure they remain true to your brand style. Using stock imagery or templates can also limit the depths to which your story can go. If your product or service carries with it a complicated or unique message, your explainer video production company will have a tough time completing the narrative as you desire. Our explainer video production process includes beautiful illustration and thoughtful animation catered to you and your brand.

Learn More About the Animation Studio

Does the animation studio you’re choosing to produce your videos outsource their jobs? Or does it employ in-house animation artists? When did they start producing videos? What is the studio’s experience and expertise? For which clients has it worked? What markets has it worked in? Many explainer video production companies have arisen in recent years. At DemoFlick, we’re proud to have helped pioneered the space and built thousands of videos for hundreds of clients since launching in 2011. Be sure to perform a thorough review of the production company’s experience and review testimonials, past work, and process.

Confirm Pricing is All-Inclusive

At DemoFlick, our pricing is all-inclusive. This means that the price we quote you for includes our full suite of production service, including: creative brief work, collaboration call, scripting, voice over management, motion design, and sound EFX. You can expect to spend a minimum of $4,000 for custom-made animation. If the company or studio you’re considering is offering an explainer video for less than that, it’s likely using stock images and template animations.

Ask For Referrals

Last, but certainly not least, ask for referrals. While most companies providing services showcase their testimonials and positive reviews on their website or throughout social media channels, it’s important to dive in a bit deeper to get a true sense of the customer experience. When considering a studio or production company for your explainer video, ask for specific referrals that afford you the opportunity to chat with someone about the process.  

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