Choosing Background Music for Your Explainer Video

Choosing Background Music for Your Explainer Video. Knowing our customers inside and out is key to creating products that they will actually buy. But did you know that knowing your...
background music explainer video

Choosing Background Music for Your Explainer Video.

sound system Choosing Background Music for Your Explainer Video

Knowing our customers inside and out is key to creating products that they will actually buy. But did you know that knowing your customer is also one of the most important parts to creating an effective explainer video? In fact, it doesn’t start with the motion graphics or even the script — it starts with the customer.

Get to know your customer before creating your explainer video

Create a profile of your customer through the eyes of the media you create. Whether it’s your blog views, monthly downloads, podcasts or vlog comments — it will grow your audience and through that growth you will learn your audience’s wants, needs, goals and personalities. If you want to create an animated explainer video that will help you win more clients, subscribers, buyers and fans, you have got to pay attention to the details of your explainer video — and background music is one of the big ones. background music Choosing Background Music for Your Explainer Video

Background music helps set the mood for your explainer video.

If your explainer video were a car, your motion graphics would be the body of the car and your background music would be the sound system. Background music is what can take an average Honda Civic and turn it into a smokin’ hot ride that will help you score tons of dates. Without bangin’ background music, your sizzling explainer video may simply fizzle.

How to choose the right background music for your explainer video

Start with your viewer.

1. Who is your One Customer?

Your goal might be to gain 1,000 or even 10,000 customers. But thinking about all those customers at once turns them into one faceless mass. Creating an explainer video for a faceless group of people takes highly targeted messaging and makes it broad, colorless and boring. When you produce for your One Customer, your explainer video hones itself and becomes more personal and persuasive. Your ideal customer can be real or imaginary, a single person you know or a composite of your favorite customers. Think about your one fan when choosing your background music, and choose music that will connect with her, stimulate and inspire her.

2. Why would your One Customer watch your explainer video until the end?

Your explainer video is meant to help you achieve your goals, whether that is boosting your sales, gaining more clients, raising your social status or generating more traffic to your website. But why would your One Customer want to continue watching your explainer video after the first 3-5 seconds? Your One Customer doesn’t find your promotional offer enchanting. She doesn’t want to hear your elevator pitch, your business objectives or even your brand story. Your One Customer simply wants to know, “What’s in it for me?” How can you make his or her life easier, happier or more successful? Choose background music for your explainer video that will complement that message. Help your One Customer understand how your product, service or company is going to enrich her life. Pick background music that helps bring to life how you will help your one customer while keeping them engaged and inspired.

3. Make it share-worthy.

As a customer, you know that you need to produce a high-quality explainer video and then you need to promote it. Don’t let the “promotion” part stump you. Sometimes promoting your explainer video can seem like an an endless list of to-dos that you can never seem to make the time to get to. The good thing is, if your explainer video is share-worthy, it cuts down a little on the time you will have to spend pushing it out to people unwilling to watch it. How can you be sure your background music helps make your explainer video share-worthy? Go back to step No. 1 and think about your One Customer. Are they upbeat and fun? Rhythmic and indie? Smooth and melodic? The audio in your explainer video may be the factor that plays heaviest on your explainer video’s vibe, so choose a tune that fits your customer so they can connect with it and feel comfortable sharing it with their friends.

Next steps to choosing background music for your explainer video.

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