Client Testimonial Video – What Is It and How Can It Help My Business?

A client testimonial video is typically a live action video. It includes a customer or client talking positively about their experience using your product or service. The video is filmed...
client testimonial videos
A client testimonial video is typically a live action video. It includes a customer or client talking positively about their experience using your product or service. The video is filmed interview-style close up using multiple cameras and b-roll (that’s industry jargon for shots of your office, facility, co-workers, building, etc.). Curious about how client testimonial videos can help your business? Keep reading to find out more and see these videos in action.

Where should you use a client testimonial video?

The best place to use these videos is below the fold on your homepage or on a landing page. They are very impactful and add immediate credibility to your brand. When done right, they can be very effective and help boost conversion rates. According to Unbounce, using a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. You can also post clips from the video on your social media.

Here are two examples of client testimonial videos:

In this video, the client Shire Pharmaceuticals is talking about CloudLeaf’s product. They describe how it works and how useful it’s been for Shire. CloudLeaf offers intelligent sensors that help turn palettes into smart palettes. The service provides deep insight into the lifecycle of a package or shipment in transit. We used a combination of live action interviews, b-roll of Shire’s factory floor, and aerial footage. All these elements create an authentic connection between the brand and their audience.
Anthem Healthcare
In this video, Anthem Healthcare’s partner, the NCOA is talking about the partnership between the two entities. The video also describes their aging mastery program and how it helps adults in the later years of life. It includes live action interviews with graduates of the program as well as the staff and b-roll. The focus here is the impact the program has on the lives of the participants.  

What are the steps to creating a client testimonial video?

  1. Find a talented videographer(s) and make sure you check their portfolio.
  2. Create a short list of what you want to accomplish the day of the shoot.
  3. Rent equipment or hire a videographer that will shoot in a resolution and format that you want. The more expensive the videographer will typically shoot in full HD. A high-quality camera can make a video look more cinematic.
The final things to consider are: Talent – In customer testimonial video typically a client or partner is the talent. There’s no need to hire a spokesperson or actor. However, you need to choose someone who’s comfortable in front of the camera and knowledgeable about their area of expertise. This is critical because if they struggle on camera, the whole shoot could be a waste of money. We always recommend filming multiple people, this way if one person is having a bad day you have backups. Editing – A key part of any customer testimonial video is the placement of live interviews vs. b-roll. It’s an art and if you hire a talented crew they should be able to pull this off. Make sure to always check references and look at their portfolio extensively.

Ready to invest in a customer testimonial video & grow your business?

Why not choose a trusted source? Demoflick has been producing high-quality video content since 2011. Check out our work here. We know that video marketing plays a huge role in growing your business at every stage. Everything from attracting more leads to closing the sale can be accomplished with this format. This type of video, in particular, is very powerful. Viewers are able to feel truly engaged with your brand and the benefits of your product or service. Are you interested in producing a client testimonial video for your company? We’re here to help! Get started on your animated explainer video with DemoFlick by clicking here to get a quote.
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