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You have a few “types” of visitors to your website and they want to buy from you; it is your job to make your website a place where they not...

You have a few “types” of visitors to your website and they want to buy from you; it is your job to make your website a place where they not only feel comfortable making a purchase, but where they want to make a purchas

1. The first type of visitor makes a stop on your website when researching online, they already have a need and are looking to have it fulfilled.
2. Another visitor will have a want or need that you create for them with something you say on your website or blog.

Selling is not about convincing people to buy something regardless of whether they need or want it. Selling is about overcoming objections to buying from you.

When a visitor is wants to make a purchase and finds your website, they will likely arrive with a few walls up that you must break down before they will click “Buy Now.” Many online marketers capitalize on the propinquity affect by offering a low-risk opt-in to receive a free newsletter, e-book or e-learning course via email. After establishing familiarity with the visitor, you can then introduce the concept of your sale. But familiarity isn’t always an option — what then?

Here are some of the best ways to create an ideal purchasing condition so visitors feel comfortable making a purchase from you (with “familiarity” included).

  • Integrity: Demonstrate your high standards.
  • Authority: Be The Go-To Source on your product or subject matter.
  • Honesty: Studies show people value honesty over almost any other aspect of selling. Your website and blog allows you to demonstrate your honest opinions and
  • Credibility: Create a story that is believable and that visitors want to believe.
  • Familiarity: Help visitors feel like they know you personally.
  • Social Proof: Allow visitors to rank your blog posts and make comments. Social media is a great space to capitalize on social proof.
  • Involvement: When people can comment and give input on your social media accounts or blog, they gain a sense of ownership. This is a vital part of expanding the relationship between you and your visitors.

Infuse your website with these psychological foundations that visitors need to feel confident in purchasing your product or services.

There’s a lot of ground to cover. Why not do it with a demo video? Contact us today!

Wade Koens

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