How to Get More People to Watch Your Explainer Video

How do you get more eyeballs to watch your explainer video? Let me start by saying this: content isn’t king.  Shocking i know. If you have followed the Internet marketing...
watch your explainer video

How do you get more eyeballs to watch your explainer video?

Let me start by saying this: content isn’t king.  Shocking i know.

If you have followed the Internet marketing scene for any amount of time you have heard the old adage “content is king.” Well, while content is indeed important, it is not king.  That doesn’t mean the content isn’t important.  It is these days more then ever with all the noise out there.  Custom Made will always beat out stock or templates.  You need to stand out now more then ever and the only way to do that is to spend more time on the messaging, the graphics, the imagery, the concept, the story, the voice.

Content was king for a long time.

And then everyone from niche marketers to big brands got the memo that content is king and started creating amazing content. Now, there is so much great content out there that it is nearly impossible to compete based on content alone. So, if the content isn’t king, what is?

Connections are king.

Smart marketers have known for years that it isn’t what you know, but who you know (or who knows you) that will get you somewhere in this world (or online). In other words, the money is in relationships.  The relationships are formed online through social interactions.  It takes time to build those relationships but over time the work will pay off.  It’s about being respectful, consultative, and passing knowledge out with no strings attached.  It’s not always about pushing your wares.

How can you build relationships?

Relationships are reciprocal. When a prospect comes to your website, they need to feel a connection with you and your product or service — and you only have a few seconds to do it, or they are gone and probably never coming back. The best way to make a connection with a visitor is with smart, impactful content.

Visitors may not want to read your article.

That means you have to have a powerful headline. Or graphics. Or photo. Or better yet, video. The video is one of the best ways to connect with website visitors. Not only does video spoon-feed information to visitors, it has the added advantage of appealing to multiple senses. Once you get a visitor to click on your video, you need to be sure they stick around to watch it. That’s where we come in.

How to get more people to watch and share your video…

First, we’re going to talk about the centerpiece of creating a successful explainer video, which is messaging. More specifically, direct response messaging; that’s messaging used to trigger a very specific response from viewers. Let’s start with this very important piece of advice: no matter what kind of video you are producing, you need a fantastic explainer video title. More people will read your explainer title than watch even the first few seconds of your video, so write it well. Next most important after the headline is the first 3-5 seconds of your video. Making sure you have a powerful entrance and clear messaging in those seconds will make the difference between a prospect sticking around and one that bolts. Lastly…

Create a video that is worthy of attention.

A lot of so-called marketing gurus will tell you that, when it comes to online content, quantity over quality. That is simply not true. A garbage video will get you garbage results. Don’t be tempted by plug-and-play explainer videos that use stock imagery, sound clips, and voiceovers. Make sure your viewers aren’t tuning out by producing a video that rewards your viewers for watching it.

Are you looking for customers, not just viewers?

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