Get Your Video Ad Financed with 18 Facts About Video Marketing

The fact thatonline video is an marketing wellspring where your reach is virtually unlimited should come as no surprise to you. 183.8 million Americans watched 48.7 billion online content videos...
The fact thatonline video is an marketing wellspring where your reach is virtually unlimited should come as no surprise to you. 183.8 million Americans watched 48.7 billion online content videos in January 2014, while the number of video ad views totaled 26.9 billion.* going viral Get Your Video Ad Financed with 18 Facts About Video Marketing With shorter attention spans and multitasking minds, people want to get as much done as they can in as little time possible. Online video ads have the unique capability of serving viewers information that is relevant to their current mindset. If your company hasn’t done yet, it should consider leveraging from this rising trend immediately. Let’s face it. No matter how great your idea, if you can’t get senior management on board with it, it is not going to happen. While online video used to be slow to load and in many cases user-unfriendly, now it is easy to view even on mobile devices. Top executives across all industries have accepted online video as a viable method for capturing leads, which translates into funding for your online video advertising campaign. Present the right information at the right time and… Bam! Monies for your vieo ad are allocated to you. Here are 18 of the biggest reasons why your company should take advantage of online video advertising as a way to reach new customers. Feel free to take them to upper management and use them at will.

1. Pretty much everyone watches video online. Plain and simple.

Americans viewed nearly 26.9 billion video ads in January 2014 and time spent watching video ads totaled 10 billion minutes!* Nearly everyone has access to the Internet. And with YouTube ranked 2nd among the most visited search engines in the entire world, it doesn’t take rocket science to come to the conclusion that leveraging video’s mass appeal is to your advantage.

2. Search engines love videos.

Gone are the days when search engines had a hard time finding video or understanding the nature of its content. Now more than 7 out of 10 videos can be searched via Yahoo, Google Universal Search, and other search engine sites. Needless to say, capturing leads via online video advertising grants you access to many of these sites and their visitors via their video content.

3. Your viewers, your advertisers.

People love sharing valuable content online. They share photos and videos that they love. Harnessing the power of online video advertising means those video creators are sharing your online video ad via the content that they have created. That’s word of mouth, 2015 style.

4. A fair shot, big or small.

Today’s advertising battle is fought in the minds of the creatives, not in the budget for marketing. Because online video advertising is so accessible via YouTube and other video advertising networks,  with creativity and pizzaz, even the smallest of marketing budgets can trample corporations that produce mediocre video content.

5. Video leaves a lasting impression.

A video leaves a greater impact on people. That means they are more likely able to share videos with, and thus get even more traffic. Whether your ad is the video people are sharing or your ad is the pre-roll on the videos people are sharing, the fact is that video inspires people to take action.

6. Instant feedback.

Videos can be commented on as soon as they’re posted. What that means to you as an online video advertiser is that you can get feedback on your product, service or branding almost instantly.

7. Video metrics help companies decide.

Your video ad metrics help you decide which advertising projects get the most positive attention. The less popular video can be dropped for the more popular videos.

8. Online videos are forever.

In short, your video ads will last as long as the Internet lives. With low maintenance costs, your online video advertising can be used as long as it is relevant to your business.

9. Video ads bring customers closer to the final purchase.

A simple “Buy Now” link on the video immediately bridges the gap between buyer and seller. Customers can buy your product or service even before they’re  even done watching your online video ad!

10. Get to know more serious buyers.

Serious leads will often do more in-depth research on product before buying. Leads can (and often do) comment on video ads with questions and feedback. This interaction allows advertisers to more directly interact with serious leads.

11. Video is EVERYWHERE.

People have access to online video advertisements, well, pretty much anywhere. As long as there’s Internet, there’s your online ad.

12. A more interactive playing field is set.

Online video advertising allows you to organize promos to let your customers share their experiences with the products via videos. These personal posts become more online ads for your business.

13. Brand awareness.

Online video’s reach is now so far that customers can find out about your brand even before they experience it in real life. This extends the potential for brand awareness to virtually limitless bounds.

14. Powerful endorsers.

With the right budget, you can hire big ticket celebrities and profiles to shoot advertising videos or do voiceovers for your company. That can establish a strong following for your product from the endorsers’ supporters.

15. Repeat, don’t reprint.

Since online videos live forever, they can simply be rebroadcast to be used again, unlike print media, where it costs so much to reproduce ads.

16. Videos in company websites.

Online video ads can also be embedded in the official websites of your company, keeping a consistent branding in viewers’ minds.

17. Worldwide appeal.

The world may have hundreds of languages, but as long as your videos sends its message effectively through visual creativity, you can communicate with people across cultures. Subtitles and dubbed ads also help break the language barrier easily.

18. Easy disposal of outdated ads.

Clients need to only bring down outdated online video advertising to remove them from the public eye. No pollution, no waste, nothing. Sources * comScore –

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