Inside DemoFlick’s Production Process

    Demoflick’s Production Process Creative Brief The first step is to complete our detailed creative brief. Our copy team uses this brief to better understand your value proposition. We...
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Demoflick’s Production Process

Creative Brief

The first step is to complete our detailed creative brief. Our copy team uses this brief to better understand your value proposition. We encourage you to take the time to fill it out with care and attention to detail. Each question has a purpose, so try to fill out every answer. A completed creative brief helps us get a better understanding of your vision and your product. Time to the ideas flow! Once the brief is received, our copywriting team does a thorough review. We have a detailed discussion internally. At this time, we talk about our thoughts on the direction and overall value proposition. This is a key step in the process. Our internal discussion and years of experience help us nail your message. Messaging is as important to the success of the video as the content/artwork. We pride ourselves on our ability to create engaging messaging that resonates with the audience.  

Scripting Phase

Next, (if needed) we jump on a call to discuss the brief and other questions. We may also need to clarify a few points from the completed brief. For example, we may ask about a specific aspect of your service or product that we didn’t get a clear picture of. We also discuss character selections and the design aesthetic. We want to understand your preferences in animation and the overall look and feel. Then, we tailor a look to match your brand. Now we have all the information we need to complete the script. Next, it’s our job to get to work on an initial script & visual concept. We will present both to you simultaneously. You’ll then have the opportunity to review and make changes or comments. Scriptwriting is a process. Sometimes it takes a few iterations of the script to come to a final version. We work hard to get the message right, but we do ask for specific feedback from our clients. We have found that a collaborative process is the best way to operate. The final product is usually enhanced when our clients take an active role in each step of production.  

Pick a Voice Talent

A great voice makes all the difference. It’s imperative to pick a voice that fits in with the concept, your brand and your target demographic. Our pool of voice talent is the best in the industry. Each artist has been hand-picked because of their unique talent and professionalism. We normally recommend 5-6 voices that we think are a good fit for the project. This will allow you to pick a voice that sounds the best to you. In this phase, there’s no right or wrong choice as we have pre-screened the voices to fit your brand. It’s all about telling your story with a voice you love. After this, the animation begins. The next thing you’ll get from us is the first version of your explainer video.  

What comes next?


Sound Effects and Background Music

Once we have a complete version of your explainer video, we will present it to you for review. Upon your review, we will wait for final comments. Once the video is finalized we will then render out an HD version. The previous versions are typically in SD. We wait until the end to send over the HD version with the final files. Now the fun part begins! We will design, illustrate and animate the first 15-25 seconds of your presentation and submit it to you for review. This is the section where we wow clients. Once the first 15-25 seconds are approved we go for the finish line. The motion design phase generally takes about 2-3 weeks for us to complete, and requires a lot of time and attention to the detail. We offer an engaging and unique product, but we take our job very seriously.  

Music and Sound Effects

These are sometimes the forgotten elements. Not with Demoflick! We know it’s crucial to add these touches to the presentation. We spend a lot of time and energy picking the right music track. All our music is 100% copyright free and hand-picked to match your demo video. A music track has to have the right pace and qualifications to work well with both the vocal delivery and animation. Awesome sound design can drive home a key point. It’s kind of like adding an exclamation point to a sentence. We add the sound effects in at the end. We think that’s the best time to bring in this finishing touch. The music will be added in and presented with the first version of your complete animated explainer video.  

Your Vision, Delivered to You

Lastly, it’s time to send over your video. We will typically send over a downloadable link to an MP4. We’ll also provide some options for hosting. Now it’s time to add your completed video to your website and watch your sales go up! Ready to get started on your animated explainer video with DemoFlick? Click here to get a quote.  

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