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Mobile App Demo Videos –  Launching an app is a big undertaking.  How do you build up enthusiasm and excitement when launching a mobile app – while simultaneously educating users...
Mobile App Demo Videos –  Launching an app is a big undertaking.  How do you build up enthusiasm and excitement when launching a mobile app – while simultaneously educating users on its features? Mobile app demo videos might just be what your app needs.

What are Mobile App Demo Videos?

Mobile app demo videos outline how a mobile app works using animation and motion graphics. These videos can be quite granular and walk users through how to use the app step by step, or simply provide a broad ‘features and benefits’ demo.

Benefits of Using Mobile App Demo Videos

Mobile app demo videos are a valuable lead generation asset for app developers. With compelling and visually pleasing animation and graphics, you’ll have an effective marketing tool that can be used on your website, on social media, and in paid promotions to drive your leads to action. By providing a demo video to your leads, not only do you increase engagement and showcase a solid argument in favor of your app, but you increase the chance that they’ll actually use the app. That’s because they’ll know their way around your app and become less frustrated by the learning curve. Plus, you can embed these videos in the app store! A detailed demo video will be much more effective at showcasing your app than some screenshots.

Some Examples of Mobile App Demo Videos

Let’s break down what these videos consist of using two examples we’ve produced at Demoflick.

John Hancock – Twine

After showcasing the app’s logo, notice that the video gets straight to the point by outlining:
  • What the app can do (link your bank account)
  • What outcome the user can expect from using the app (savings on autopilot)
  • Benefits of using the app (simple, secure, and fast)
This particular video gets quite granular – as you can see, the demo walks users through how to use the app and even highlights where to tap using a green circle. But the video doesn’t just explain how to use the app – it sets up expectations so that the user knows what happens to their bank account after they have initiated a link.


This video uses a different technique to engage viewers – a compelling statistic. Although this isn’t directly showcasing the app, it’s a great way to capture the curiosity of potential leads. Unlike the Twine video, this demo uses animated hands to provide a detailed mockup of what users can expect when downloading the app. Because of this, users can see how simple the app is to use, thus reduces their chances of getting confused if they download the app. This mobile app demo video is a great example of how a shorter video can be just as effective and granular!

Launch a Profitable App with Mobile App Demo Videos

In a world that is saturated with 2.1 million apps on Google Play and 1.8 million apps on the App Store, your app not only needs to stand out, but also needs to retain its users. Our team at Demoflick can help you craft a demo video that is perfectly suited to your app. Click here to get started today.
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