Patient Education Videos – How Can They Help Both Patients and Practitioners

Patient Education Videos.  What are they anyway and how can they help? Patient Education Videos are an amazing tool to combat confusion.  How can your team of medical professionals better...
patient education videos

Patient Education Videos.  What are they anyway and how can they help?

Patient Education Videos are an amazing tool to combat confusion.  How can your team of medical professionals better educate patients in order to minimize fear and confusion, reduce the workload of practitioners, and empower patients in their own healthcare journey? When done right, patient education videos can achieve all of that and more. Patient education videos are an effective way to show, rather than tell, patients the key information they need to learn about their health and the experience they will have in a medical setting. These videos can help engage patients via animation and storytelling to help them learn and retain information that would otherwise be complex and confusing for most non-medically trained patients.

How patient education videos can help improve your patients’ experience

Using patient education videos has many benefits for both patients and their practitioners.

Reduce confusion about the experience

The goal of patient education videos is simple: provide easily digestible information to educate patients. This can significantly reduce the confusion patients have about their experience. The same video can be reused for an endless number of patients, which further helps reduce questions that medical teams need to answer. The fewer questions a patient has, the more bandwidth their medical team will have to provide quality care to all patients.

Guide patients through portal interfaces

Technology can help provide patients with more information about their care, but not everyone is on the same playing field when it comes to digital literacy. Even tech-savvy patients can get confused with some websites or portal interfaces when so much information is available! Patient education videos can use motion graphics and animation to walk patients through digital interfaces in a fun and friendly way. As a result, patients become more autonomous and less reliant on their medical team to understand what they need to know about their current condition.

Set expectations and reduce fear around ailments and upcoming procedures

There is often fear and stigma surrounding medical conditions and procedures. When telling a patient they have been diagnosed with a certain condition, or when giving them options for medical procedures, the unknown can be just as scary for them as the diagnosis itself. While it may seem simple for medical practitioners to verbally explain medical procedures, most patients don’t have the knowledge required to understand what it really means or what will actually be happening to them. And due to the nature of most intrusive medical procedures, it’s impossible for practitioners to demonstrate exactly what will happen. Patient education videos can demonstrate most procedures easily. For instance, it would be difficult to demonstrate what percutaneous coronary intervention looks like, but by using animation, coronary artery disease patients can get a simple view of what it means:

Provide a consistent experience to all patients

Not all medical practitioners explain medical terms and procedures in the same way to their patients.  When you have an effective patient education video in your toolbox, you can ensure all patients receive the same, consistent explanation, no matter who is treating them. And because these explanations are typically given in combination with animation and motion graphics, patient education videos can make complex topics more simple for anyone to understand.   Want to add patient education videos to your toolkit? We can help you develop videos that are highly engaging and effective to educate your patients! Reach out to us for a quote. Here are additional examples if explainer videos produced by Demoflick targeted towards patients.
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