Why SEO and Video Marketing Go Hand in Hand

SEO and video marketing are meant to be together, despite some of the current online marketing buzz saying otherwise. While some people think that content marketing makes SEO obsolete, the...
video marketing and SEO
SEO and video marketing are meant to be together, despite some of the current online marketing buzz saying otherwise. While some people think that content marketing makes SEO obsolete, the truth is that they complement each other. You need both SEO and content marketing in order to drive traffic to your site. Video marketing is part of SEO. It’s true that SEO and video marketing are often distinguished as two separate strategies, and they are, but the truth is you cannot separate the two. Rather than hunting down the qualities and separating the two, lets focus on three reasons they belong together. 1. The only way to succeed is to implement SEO techniques alongside video marketing. Video marketing without proper SEO will waste a lot of time and money; without SEO your video may never be found. But, together they can create traffic to your website that yields clients and / or sales. 2. SEO makes demands while video marketing will fill those demands. Video marketing is the platform which will keep your visitors focused and turn them into leads, but without SEO techniques the chances of them finding your videos is lessened greatly. Using keywords that lead to your videos will not only drive traffic to your site, it is a powerful way to keep your audience engaged. 3. SEO demands content and your videos are the content. You cannot have SEO without content. Despite what you may have already read, the two techniques require each other in order create success. SEO demands link-backs. Video content helps create link-backs. Link-backs  are created when another website links back to the content on your site. Many SEOs dream of having a popular website linking back to their content. Publishing truly entertaining and/or informative video is the best way to get link-backs. Period. If you want more link-backs you have to dangle that SEO carrot by providing videos worth linking to. Starting to see the pattern here? SEO requires consistent content. That’s where your videos come in. Search engines like fresh content. The more you provide relevant content the more reason search engine have to frequently index your site. But, without proper SEO in place the content your videos will not get indexed in the same manner; in fact, search engines may not even understand what your video is about. Become an authority in your industry, publish fresh content and optimize it so that people and search engines can appreciate and find you. Your website will get a boost in ranking and more high-quality traffic — all thanks to great content with SEO properly placed throughout your content. Proper SEO means web surfers who search for particular keywords are more likely to find your videos. Because each video can only effectively target a finite number of keywords, you need to consistently create and publish new videos with new SEO keywords in order to continue driving new traffic to your website or YouTube channel. By now the pattern should be pretty obvious to you. You need to publish new, search engine optimized content regularly in order to attract high-quality traffic to your website. Without fresh content you are not going to get much traffic and without proper SEO, search engines will not be able to find nor understand what your videos are about. Most SEO campaigns fail before they start because web masters do not first think through this process through thoroughly. Don’t believe what you read about SEO no longer being relevant; it is simply not the truth. With the correct keywords, your video content will attract more relevant search engine results and drive traffic to your website. Your SEO needs your video content the same way YouTube needs videos. See more great examples at www.demoflick.com  Full Disclosure: Demoflick is a Boston based Video marketing agency.
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