What is Motion Graphics?

You may have heard the terms motion graphics or motion graphics video tossed around. They’re one of the most commonly used animation styles for marketing videos, especially in the technology...
motion graphics video
You may have heard the terms motion graphics or motion graphics video tossed around. They’re one of the most commonly used animation styles for marketing videos, especially in the technology sector. But now motion graphics videos are making their way into other spheres as welleven in keynote presentations. And that’s great news.

So What is Motion Graphics, Anyway?

In short, motion graphics is a style of animation that uses icons, graphics, and lines to convey the big idea of a video. Instead of using animated characters with a central hero to tell a story or explain a concept, motion graphics rely on high-quality graphics that pop and slick animation. Here’s a great example of a motion graphics video used to clearly convey a topic that can be difficult for some to grasp – procedure charge capture. You’ll notice that graphics are combined with key text elements, as well as numbers, to get the point across effectively. Keep in mind that human figures don’t necessarily have to completely absent from a motion graphics animation! Human avatars can be used as long as they are not central figures or characters. For instance, take this motion graphics video we created for Kaseya IT. The humans seen in this video are just part of the graphics and are not used for characterization. That’s the main difference!

Motion Graphics Aren’t Just Pretty – They Tell a Story

There’s a key point to remember about motion graphics videos. They’re not just a collection of pretty graphics thrown together for a cool visual effect. Although this technique might create a visually appealing video, the end goal is to market your business, right? So motion graphics should tell a story. Whether you’re outlining the story of a concept in an explainer video, or retelling the story of a product, story is what ties all of these motion graphics together. This is what will keep your audience engaged in your video above all else. Without a central story, there will be nothing for them to retain! Like this example we created for our client, Coro Crypto, which starts by outlining a conflict before solving it with their solution.

Components of a Great Motion Graphics Video

Apart from telling a great story, what else makes up a compelling motion graphics video? First off, the graphics and the story should work together and complement each other. The visual style chosen to express a concept should be carefully picked to reflect the type of story you want to tell. But it doesn’t end there. Motion graphics need to be used in conjunction with effective copy to convey your message clearly. This should come in a combination of:
  • Crisp and clear voice-over with a targeted message
  • Using important words n the animation itself
  • Supplementing the copy with numbers whenever applicable
And when tied together with fitting music, what you get is a motion graphics video with every element working in harmony – which means better results! Last tip – although this is true of character-based animation videos as well, your motion graphics video should only focus on one big idea at once. By trying to implement several messages in a single video, you’ll not only confuse your audience, but dilute the messages you’re trying to send. Need a motion graphics video that’s crafted with care? Contact us today to get started.

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