Why Video Content is Crucial for TeleHealth Brands

In today’s digital age, the Telehealth space is an industry that is currently growing at a rapid pace. Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic and...
In today’s digital age, the Telehealth space is an industry that is currently growing at a rapid pace. Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic and telecommunication technology. The rise of this industry has helped improve the health space by allowing long-distance patient and healthcare provider communication and care, while also creating the ability to:
  • Educate patients more effectively
  • Monitor and intervene with patients at a distance
  • Perform remote admissions
  • Send reminders to patients
  • And much more.
As a result, companies in this space must create content in order to educate patients about their offers and solutions. But it’s important to take a look at the demographic for these spaces in order to understand why the type of content matters so critically.

Why effective patient education in the Telehealth industry matters

Unlike other industries whose audiences are composed of consumers who know their way around technology, this isn’t the case for the Telehealth space. The demographic for this space is made up of patients of all ages, but older patients make up a large portion of that group. These groups may not be as literate with technology as others, meaning they may not be comfortable with online platforms, applications, and UI-heavy tools. While educational content can technically be created in any format, video content is the most effective way to showcase complex information in an easily digestible format. Because video uses both visual and audio cues, it is accessible to a wider audience than text-only or audio-online content. Additionally, complex Telehealth principles can be simplified via:
  • Motion graphics
  • Animated explainer videos
  • User interface mockups

Gaining the trust of your patients in healthcare is crucial

Many industries don’t have to worry about handling personal information that is as sensitive as the health and wellness data of patients.  This is why HIPPA compliance matters. But even if regulations like HIPPA are in place to keep companies in check, the everyday patient isn’t always aware of these regulations. This means that they won’t automatically trust your brand just because you are HIPPA-compliant. As a startup with a new offer in the Telehealth and Virtual Health space, it is your responsibility to carefully explain your offers in a way that nurtures your potential patients’ trust. The clearer and easier it is for them to understand how your offers work and how their privacy is protected, the more likely they are to feel comfortable enough to purchase from your brand. This is especially true for startups that use technology to collect data in order to improve patient care. While this technology may be a revolutionary way to improve patients’ lives, it can only work to improve those lives if patients trust that their data will be used responsibly and ethically. Without this trust, even the most groundbreaking Telehealth technology would go unused.  Because custom video content can so easily convey information, it is a powerful way to ensure patients understand Telehealth technology – and thus begin to trust your offers. For many years, Demoflick has worked with some of the largest companies in the healthcare space. We are helping them transform their messaging, no matter how complex, into easily digestible video content that nurtures the trust of patients of all ages. Take advantage of custom video content today – get in touch with us to get a quote!
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