10 Awesome Ways to Find Video Inspiration

Find video inspiration online but only in places that are uncluttered with noise.  There are typically a variety of ways to find inspiration on any given subject. Why then do...
find video inspiration
Find video inspiration online but only in places that are uncluttered with noise.  There are typically a variety of ways to find inspiration on any given subject. Why then do we often find our minds blank when a task needs to be done? At some point in our lives, we each face the tormenting task of creating content that is both engaging and relatable. Here are 10 awesome ways to find inspiration when you are running a blank. 1. Try using Google’s Keyword Planner. When looking for creative video content ideas, Googles Keyword Planner can give you the insight you may not have yet considered. You can further these keywords by combining them into a list and multiplying several keywords together. Even if you are new to advertising, finding ideas for video content is often simplified by focusing keywords to specific niches. 2. Use FAQ Fox to discover lists of questions consumers have. FAQ Fox accepts keywords and a list of sites to scrape for questions consumers are asking about. By typing in a few keywords and some popular related websites FAQ Fox will return a list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can then focus your video content on the most frequent questions. 3. Buzzsumo Search the most popular blogs posts by keyword. Inspiration can come by showing you the most popular bogs posts based on keywords. The most blogged topics can then assist you with finding ideas for video content.  But how to you find video inspiration? 4. Guest Content Creators While it may not be obvious, guest creators can often suggest ideas and concepts you have not considered. It’s always a great idea to get a fresh perspective. 5. Use Google Keep to track thoughts, ideas on your phone, tablet, and computer. Ideas strike at odd times. Keeping track of them can lead to needed inspiration at times when there is none to be found. Simple ideas can be expanded further with our next inspiring tip. 6. Mind Mapping – Connect ideas with other ideas using mind maps. Finding video content ideas can struggle. Mind maps help you connect abstract thoughts and ideas and meld them into inspiration. Take an existing idea or even a single word and expand on it easily in a visual way. 7. Read about an unrelated topic. Reading is a great way to get your mind off things for a bit. An unrelated subject can often invoke ideas and inspiration from your subconscious. 8, Stay current on sites like Alltop. Alltop is a great way to stay current on hundreds of topics. Type in a few keywords related to a particular niche and be presented with what’s popular right now. Use this information to find related ideas to help you find inspiration. 9. Turn off the computer. Tuning out and going for a walk can clear your mind and refresh your inspiration. Changing focus can bring about much-needed inspiration. 10. YouTube – Find inspiration by gathering ideas from other videos. What better way to top off our list of 10 Awesome Ways to Find Video Content Inspiration then with more videos. Research can give way to inspiring ideas that you may not have considered. Furthermore, you can get a feel for topics that have already been explored to death. Looking to find video inspiration? Check out our portfolio of explainer videos or our Twitter profile @demoflick, where we talk about some of the best video and video marketing content on the web.
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