Explainer Video Strategy – 3 Questions to Answer Before Production

Here are some important questions to consider before beginning production of your explainer video. 1. How will you focus your explainer video on your customer? Want your content to drive...
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Here are some important questions to consider before beginning production of your explainer video. 1. How will you focus your explainer video on your customer? Want your content to drive more traffic, convert views into leads and leads into sales? Before you start the production of your explainer video, you need to first find the focus. Research your customers by discovering their buyer personas. One of the best ways to create video content that sells is by focusing on education. Studies have shown that marketing content should be focused on your buyers 80% of the time for maximum efficacy. The remaining 20% should be focused on creating a reputation for your company and presenting the benefits for the consumer. The truth is that while consumers may not care about your brand, they care about themselves and how your product can make their lives easier, happier or more profitable. Focusing on your buyers means you put them and their needs first. Pay close attention to how your brand relates to the lives of consumers and how it can benefit them. Doing that will help you connect with them on an emotional level, serve them better, and ultimately turn leads into sales. In a best case scenario, research prior to explainer video production should focus on:
  • SEO keywords
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Forums etc)
  • Popular news in your industry
  • Sales and support FAQs
  • Company persona’s goals
2. How should your explainer video be distributed? If your explainer video is not delivered at the right time and in the right place, it’s going to be missed. Social media is a good start, but it is not always enough. Studying your customers habits can offer you quite a bit of information and assure the target audience is acquired. Explainer videos can give viewers a different perspective about how to use your product or service in a way that may not have yet occurred to them. But, a video that is published on your website may have a different message than one you plan on distributing solely on YouTube or a Facebook ad. Pay close attention where your explainer video will be distributed so that you can maintain focus on who you’re targeting and the atmosphere in which it will be delivered. Quality and consistency is another consideration to keep in mind. What is your brand voice? How will your brand be represented? Is your explainer video relatable to your target audience? 3. How will you measure your explainer video’s impact? It is crucial to measure your explainer video’s performance, so you can see what is working and what is not. Instead of focusing on Facebook likes or Instagram followers, which can often be cheaply acquired, focus more on these key aspects:
  • The number of daily, weekly and monthly views
  • Backlinks and inbound link traffic
  • Number and frequency of generated leads
  • Content comments – good and bad
Measuring your video content’s impact is a good way to maintain your brand and continue to turn leads into sales. The internet is changing and so is the way consumers view content. It’s important to consider how your company needs to adjust its marketing strategies to stay successful by asking how these factors keep you ahead and your business successful.
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