Whiteboard vs Motion Graphics Explainer Videos – Which is best suited for your business?

Whiteboard or Motion Graphics Explainer Videos? Did you know that online videos are estimated to make up over 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2022? This makes video an...
motion graphics explainer vs. whiteboard
Whiteboard or Motion Graphics Explainer Videos? Did you know that online videos are estimated to make up over 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2022? This makes video an amazing marketing tool, but there are so many types of videos to choose from. Even within the highly effective custom explainer video genre, you’ll still find people arguing over which type is best. Let’s look at two popular options: whiteboard and motion graphics explainer videos. What are they, what is the difference, and which one is best suited to market your business?

Whiteboard and motion graphics – what’s the difference?

While both the whiteboard technique and motion graphics animation can be used in explainer videos, they create a vastly different end result.

Whiteboard explainer videos

You can recognize a whiteboard video from the white background and the artist’s hand shown directly on the screen as it animates the content. With whiteboard explainer videos, the viewer gets the impression that the content is animated right in front of them.  It feels just like an instructor explaining a concept in front of you using a whiteboard and a marker.    

Motion graphic explainer videos

On the other hand, motion graphic videos use high-quality graphic design animations to illustrate a concept. You can animate numbers, charts, text, symbols, graphical representations of concepts – anything goes. As a result, a potentially dull topic transforms into a colorful, dynamic, and engaging visual experience. These can drastically vary in style, but here is one example:

So which is better for your explainer video?

Both types of explainer videos can help you by:
  • Simplifying complex concepts to help the viewer understand your product or service
  • Create a visually compelling story that retains your viewers’ attention and helps them retain your message more easily
  • Generate a highly shareable piece of content
But they do each have their own strengths as well.
  • Whiteboard videos are effective at telling a linear story and making the viewer feel included in the creation process
  • Motion graphics explainer videos can be created in virtually any style and break down complex topics in an interesting way
However, here’s what you should keep in mind: due to the abundance of DIY whiteboard video software available, there has been a tsunami of (sub-par) whiteboard explainer videos in recent years. As a result, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out in that format. Additionally, motion graphics are much more flexible in the concepts that they can cover and yield a much more polished end product. Because of the endless possibilities in terms of visual style, you can stand out much more effectively with a motion graphics video – as long as you choose a professional and talented partner to help you create it. But the biggest reason motion graphics is the best choice? Everything that can be accomplished in a whiteboard video – the ‘drawing’ effect, telling a story, including characters – can be done in a motion graphics video, too.  The opposite isn’t always true. The drawn figures in a whiteboard video won’t be as visually interesting as motion graphics nor will they be animated at the same level of quality. Start getting better results in your marketing with a high-quality motion graphics explainer video – our team can help! Get in touch to get a quote and get your project underway.


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