4 Awesome Ways to Use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram video marketing is a hotbed of commerce, but businesses are just now starting to use it to its fullest sales potential. While it was started as a photo-sharing social...
instagram video marketing
Instagram video marketing is a hotbed of commerce, but businesses are just now starting to use it to its fullest sales potential. While it was started as a photo-sharing social network, you can now record and share videos up to 15 seconds long on Instagram. While that might seem like a limitation for businesses, it is actually an advantage. Instagram isn’t a place where you want to share your whole business’s story in one long feature film. It’s more of a platform where people can get a quick glimpse at your latest product or become fans of your company because of the personable content that you share. That being said, there is a way to share up to 3 minutes of action with your audience using Instagram’s Hyperlapse app. Hyperlapse allows you to use your smartphone to record beautiful time-lapse videos, which opens up a ton of great opportunities for you as a marketer. This article sheds some light on 5 ways you can use Hyperlapse to  create fun, interesting videos that you can use on Instagram to drive traffic to your website.

1. Give people a backstage pass.

Since the app records at high-speed, it is possible to cover a good deal of ground in jsut a few seconds. This makes the app ideal for recording videos that enable viewers to take a look behind the scenes at your event, venue or promotion. For example, if you are at a trade show, concert, expo or event, you an give viewers a glimpse of what its like to attend. Restaurant owners can give foodies a taste of what its like in the kitchen with the chef. Realtors can give tours of listings. Tour companies can give viewers a glimpse of the journey. Bands can give viewers a three-minute backstage pass.

2. Share your product.

YouTube is full of unboxing videos that give shoppers a look at what they will get when they purchase a product. These videos are popular, often receiving thousands of views in a short period of time because they help buyers make better buying decisions. By using Hyperlapse to record the unboxing of your product or even part of its manufacturing process, you will help your followers better understand the features of your product in just a few seconds.

3. Promote your brand.

Introduce your brand to Instagram with a Hyperlapse video by recording current customers using your product or service. Do you sell shoes? T-shirts? Baby bouncers? Dog collars? Do you provide cleaning services? Transportation? Mechanic services? Whatever it may be, you can create an interesting, creative video with ease using Hyperlapse. Tap into your inner child and think “fun,” “beautiful,” or “enlightening,” and you will create a video that is sure to get a ton of likes and follows.

4. Show how your product is made or can be used.

You may want to create a video telling a story about how your customers can use your product to improve their lives. Or conversely, create videos showing how your product was made, step by step. The videos don’t have to be complicated or full of fancy clips. Just make sure the video clearly shows your product whatever it is you want your viewers to see, and that the length of the videos is not too long. With these marketing ideas, you can easily create compelling videos to get the word out about your product or service. Time-lapse videos are short, save time and will leave a lasting impact on your prospects and existing customers.
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