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YouTube video marketing Boston firm DemoFlick is here to help with some great educational content.  The road to video marketing success is highly competitive. Companies of all sizes are focusing their attention – and...
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YouTube video marketing Boston firm DemoFlick is here to help with some great educational content.  The road to video marketing success is highly competitive. Companies of all sizes are focusing their attention – and their marketing budgets – on producing and publishing high-quality, creative and viral video advertisements online. Big budget or no, you do not have to miss out on the traffic that video can attract to your website. If you are interested in marketing your video on YouTube, this tutorial breaks down optimizing your YouTube video ad for search and views. You can also check out YouTube Creator Academy, where you will learn the secrets and best practices of some of YouTube’s most successful content creators. Here are six simple steps from youtube video marketing boston firm demoflick.  We are here to help you create a video that people will want to watch all the way through, and that will keep your brand top of mind when viewers are ready to make a purchase.

1. Put your feet in the viewer’s shoes.

Address your viewer during the first 5-10 seconds of your video and answer this questions for them: What is in it for me? What are your viewers needs, wants, preferences, goals?

2. Keep it short and simple.

People do not like complicated online video advertisements. Unless you have done extensive testing and are certain that your “ironic” or “sarcastic, message will be successful, keeping your script straightforward and fun is usually the smarter route to take. Focus on conveying your message using simple words, images and sounds, so that viewers “get it” quickly. Also, the sweet spot for video ads is somewhere between 60-90 seconds.

3. Use your metrics.

Study the results of your online video advertising campaign. YouTube has a fantastic dashboard where you can access your channel’s analytics. YouTube Analytics allows you to asses your channel’s performance and research changes and trends on YouTube across key metrics. This information will allow you to make informed decisions about which videos to keep and which ones to stop broadcasting. You can also assess the style of video that you publish. Video views, viewers’ demographics, and social media presence all play a role in determining a video ad’s success.

4. Use your videos again and again, and again.

Online videos are stored online permanently. YouTube is a great way to save these marketing resources for another day. YouTube allows you to access your video for trade shows, marketing presentations and for publishing to your social media outlets and website.

5. Don’t forget your website’s URL.

You have probably experienced it. You watch an ad on YouTube for a cool product and you want to learn more but there is no website URL on the video ad. Businesses often assume that because their ad is published on their YouTube channel or website that people will see their URL there, on the channel. But don’t forget, you may push your video to your social media outlets, use it at a trade show or as a standalone pre-roll ad. Without a website URL, viewers have no idea where to go next and may end up Googling your product but clicking on another brand that shows up in Google’s Universal SERP.  Of course, it may not be necessary to show your URL if you plan on displaying your video on your website only.  But, in most cases you want to push your video out on youTube at the very least.  So, you can opt to have two versions produced (one with URL & one without).

6. Tell a moving story.

If you want return viewers, you have to make an impact. Your YouTube video should inspire, amuse and inform. Your video’s story doesn’t have to be a narrative; it can be a transformation, a revival, an “ah ha” moment.  It’s not just about listing relevant features and benefits rather it’s about telling an engaging story that helps the viewer conceptualize your value proposition and take action to find out more.  If you tell a relevant story…they will take action!

Bonus tip

Consistency is key when it comes to YouTube marketing success. Besides putting new, interesting content out there, creating YouTube videos consistently gives you the opportunity to continually interact with your audience. Businesses often forget that YouTube is not only a hub for your video content, it is also a social media too. YouTube is an outstanding place to see where your brand is winning with customers, and where it is not. With a little insight, success on YouTube can translate into success in many other areas in your business. Youtube video marketing boston firm demoflick is here to help.
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