5 Lessons Snapchat Can Teach Us About B2B Marketing

For those of you who have not heard of Snapchat yet, it is a video messaging app that allows users to record videos, take photos and add drawings and text...
snapchat and marketing
For those of you who have not heard of Snapchat yet, it is a video messaging app that allows users to record videos, take photos and add drawings and text to them, then send those visual messages to a controlled list of recipients. Those messages can be set to  disappear up to 10 seconds after the recipient has viewed it. Using the Snapchat concept for B2B marketing can be a bit challenging for video marketers, but it is possible and does not have to be complicated. Here are a few brands that have used Snapchat for successful B2C marketing campaigns and a few ideas about how you can spin their campaigns to B2B campaign to help you  capture leads for your business.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell made use of Snapchat to publicize updates to its menu and build its brand with humorous customizable photos during the Valentine’s Day season. B2B spin: Find a significant date or event that is relevant to your B2B target audience and create and publish content that your users can use on Snapchat in the weeks leading up to those dates/events. For example, a customer relationship management (CRM) software company could find a relevant upcoming trade show or conference and publish a series of witty, customizable photos that attendees could use to help themselves network at the conference. Think funny business cards, business-minded Internet meems or customizable inspirational quotes.


GrubHub uses Snapchat as a hub of recruitment in addition to using it to send special deals and updates to its customers. Job candidates were asked to create a Snapchat doodle, and submit it to be selected for an interview. GrubHub also uses Twitter to promote their Snapchat profile; often their deals are teased via Twitter but require you to have a Snapchat profile in order to capture them. B2B spin: Are you running a deal on Groupon or App Sumo? Use Snapchat to publicize it. Recruiting for a social media or customer relations specialist? Snapchat may be just the place to find your ideal candidate.

Wet Seal

The brand used coupon codes and exclusive behind the scene videos for marketing. Besides, the company partnered with MissMeghanMakeup, She is a beauty blogger with more than 320k YouTube subscribers and more than 100k followers on Instagram and Twitter. Wet Seals, with support from the blogger’s audience, targeted teen girls and got the Best Brand on Snapchat reward. B2B spin: Partner with social media influencers to expand your reach.


During the Super Bowl, McDonalds used snapchat to its advantage. The company integrated their tweets with their interesting snaps at the right time, capturing the viewers at the right time. B2B spin: Use social media to reach your audience at the right time.

HBO Girls

Are you managing a YouTube channel or a TV channel? If so, you can use Snapchat to notify your audience of a new show or video. This way your audience can watch a program you aired. Apart from this, it will provide your viewers with behind the scenes pictures and videos that are exclusive. Apart from the mentioned brands, other brands have also been using Snapchat for marketing, such as Mountain Dew, Audi, Acura, Karmaloop and Pitch Perfect 2. The interesting part is that all these brands share the same major elements for their snapchat campaigns. B2B spin: For timely reminders, deals, exclusive content or promotions, Snapchat and other social media outlets can be much more effective than traditional media. Snapchat can be used with other social media platforms to stay in touch with the fans so they come back over and over again for more.


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