Tips for Getting Started Using Video On Your Blog

Using video content on your blog a fantastic way to enrich your website. It used to be that search engines had a difficult time indexing video, but they have become sophisticated enough...
Using video content on your blog a fantastic way to enrich your website. It used to be that search engines had a difficult time indexing video, but they have become sophisticated enough to understand what your video content is about and serve it up to users who are looking for it. If you are not yet using video on your blog, you should be. Here are some quick tips to get started using video on your blog.

Don’t hesitate. Start publishing video, now.

Many bloggers are apprehensive when it come to making video content. Taking pictures and posting them is a lot easier than creating and posting video, which is part of the  reason most blogs do not have videos on them. Another reason many websites do not use video is that not everyone looks good on camera right away. It takes practice to look good on video, and many people are not ready to take on the risk of “looking bad.”  Finally, many people feel like they have to have a professional camera and microphone in order to create and post videos on their blog and if they don’t have the “gear,” they are not willing create videos and share them. Look at it this way: because most websites out there are still not leveraging video, when you share video on your website you will be on the cutting edge of online marketing. Odds are, there is a much greater chance that a person will land on your video than that they will land on your web page.

You don’t have to create a masterpiece.

When choosing a topic for video content, you don’t have to look for the perfect, award-winning topic. Here’s a tip: go through some of your most popular blog posts and create a video speaking about the same topics in an interesting, video-friendly way. Start here, then track and measure your metrics. Take your most popular content, view comments, likes and dislikes and create a strategy from there.

There is nothing perfect in this world.

If the first video you created is not good, try again until you are satisfied with what you have created. If you are satisfied with the quality of the video, there are others who will be too. You might be surprised how your blog readers react to the footage you upload. Videos will help you connect with your blog readers and your website visitors will get to know you on a personal level.

Creating video content is easier than you think it is.

Creating well-written, high-quality, interesting and informative written content takes a great deal of time. I’m not saying that creating high-quality video does not. But, what I am saying is that in many cases you can create fantastic video content by simply recording what you are doing anyway. Think: screencasts, video recipes, how-to videos, how-it-works videos, launch-party videos, box-opening videos, backstage videos… the list goes on and on. Capture the video first and worry about editing it later. You can easily add royalty-free music, filters and transitions to create a fun, entertaining and informative video.

Quit second guessing yourself.

Video is quickly becoming a necessity in the world of online marketing; start creating video content and publish it as soon as you can. People love videos, so what are you waiting for? Get your camera and make a video. Your readers will thank you for it.
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