Motion Graphics Explainer Videos – 5 Tips to a Successful Production

A RECIPE FOR AWESOME MOTION GRAPHICS EXPLAINER VIDEOS So, you have an amazing product or service and you want to share every detail of it with your audience. Not so...
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So, you have an amazing product or service and you want to share every detail of it with your audience.

Not so fast!

You see, the secret to an effective motion graphics video has to do with the quality and strategy around the content you put out there it’s not about how much knowledge you put out there. It’s about how you distribute it and what you hold back for step 2.

Effective motion design animation will simplify your message and explain it in a way that is accessible while maintaining accuracy.  You may be great at explaining what you do, but when you are choosing a video production company, you need to choose one who can not only tell a one-dimensional story but also explain your story visually.

Message and script are the backbones to your motion graphics explainer video. Think of motion design as your visual translator. In order to effectively explain your value proposition your motion graphics video will need to convey information to your viewers in a succinct way while capturing your story through the use of animations, characters, and background imagery.

Here are 5 ways to help ensure your motion graphics explainer video is helping your viewers comprehend complex subjects.

1. Ask the right questions.

Sometimes when you are so close to your product or service, you forget that not everyone knows it as well as you do. Lean on a trusted resource that is not as close the project to you.  They may ask questions that you didn’t necessarily think of or wouldn’t think of because you are so engrossed in your service or product.  A good production company will ask the right questions.  They may purposefully ask you questions with a novice mindset to provoke simple answers from you in a way to better explain your messgae in easy to understand terms. 

2. Create accurate analogies or metaphors.

Analogies or metaphors are a great way to explain concepts to your viewers. Comparing a complex concept to one that is more well-known will help your viewers better understand your story. Take this tech explainer video we created for HP. Not everyone can relate to delivering high-quality software quickly in order to improve customer satisfaction, but almost everyone can relate to getting a delicious sandwich delivered to you quickly and just the way you want it. Using the sandwich animation as an analogy while the voice talked about software delivery helps viewers connect the dots between satisfied customers and HP’s software.


3. Capture the details.

Now that the basics have been collected it’s time to go into detail.  A good animation shop or production company will focus in on the details.  While putting every detail about your product or service into your explainer video is not the best course of action, knowing the context of the details will better help the coywriter or creative team tell the story accurately.


4. Eliminate jargon.

It might not always be possible to completely eliminate industry jargon from your explainer video message, but we try very hard to leave it out. We tell your story using narration and visuals. A relatable story that is well told will resonate much more with the viewer than a boring “industrial” video that peppered with industry terms and jargon. 

5. Fact-check and present.

Once we have revised the script and removed the vague

language, we fact-check with you. You are the expert and the only one who can say whether the script conveys your message accurately. After we present you with the script, we pay close attention to your feedback to be sure the message is easy to understand without being overly simplistic and with the tone and voice you want it to have.


Next steps

Check out these choice articles and find out explainer video dos and don’ts and how we create awesome explainer videos.

Now that you know the secret to our motion graphics designers creating animations that accurately tell your story, check out some of our favorite explainer videos below and take note of the motion design. Then, we can talk about choosing the right background music for your explainer video.

  A few examples:           See more Motion Graphics Explainer videos in our portfolio.    
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