Voiceover For Your Explainer Video – 4 Tips on Choosing.

GREAT VOICEOVER CAN TRANSFORM BLAH INTO BOOM The scripts and messaging were exactly the same, but the first animated explainer hit it out of the park and the second totally bombed. Why...
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professional voiceover Voiceover For Your Explainer Video    4 Tips on Choosing.

The scripts and messaging were exactly the same, but the first animated explainer hit it out of the park and the second totally bombed. Why did one explainer video get 20,000 shares and the other none at all? And why is the first explainer video fun and upbeat while the other is bland and tedious to watch?

The answer is simple… but not easy:

1. The first explainer video was professionally produced, the second was a DIY production.

2. The first explainer video used voiceover talent that was vetted through a professional explainer video production company, the second used one of their designers for the voiceover.

3. Because of #1 and #2 above, the first explainer video was able to connect with its audience with the right voice and tone, timing and quality.

Why use a professional voiceover?

If you have home audio gear and are tempted to try and do your own voiceover for your fabulous explainer video, think twice. Viewers prefer high-quality audio and when your explainer video is the voice that does the talking for your company, brand, website and product, it’s best that you lead with your strongest suit.

Poor narration can ruin a great video, and bad audio will grind your viewer’s patience to a halts. Using professional voiceover talent ensures your explainer video’s voiceover narration is clear, smooth and enjoyable.

A professional explainer video production company should help you vet your professional voiceover talent. Because producing amazing video explainers is our job, we have hundreds of trusted, talented voiceover specialists we are familiar with and will whittle that list down to just three or four voices from which you can choose.

Here are some very simple reasons why using a professional voiceover specialist will give your explainer video (and thus your website) an unfair advantage over the competition.

1. Find the perfect voice.

You might have noticed that few explainer videos use “Mr. Announcer Voice.” You know him. He has a big, deep voice, enunciates the script perfectly and always sounds like he is talking down to you. Explainer videos usually have a more conversational tone and depending on your preference the voiceover talent could be male or female. By using professional voiceover talent, you can find a voice that is supercharged, clear, contemporary and fits the narration spectrum. There is a big difference between the voiceover talent you would use for a third-person shooter game’s explainer video and one for a dental practice.

2. Balance.

Professional voiceover understands the difference between normal speaking voice and one that is used during professional recordings. Finding the balance between perfect enunciation and natural speech is a developed skill. Professional talent that is seasoned in creating voiceovers for explainer videos will know how to push their vocal inflection and emotion just enough to connect with viewers without going over the top.

3. Fewer revisions.

It might seem obvious, but when your voiceover talent doesn’t know the material before you begin, it can make recording process long and tedious. Professionals understand that time spent preparing makes the final recording that much easier. Professional voiceover artists are able to visualize how the animation will fit together with the audio, which plays a part in their pacing. Professionals also add excitement and emotion to the reading when it makes sense, spend time rehearsing the script aloud and identify issues with trouble phrases or pronunciations before ever entering the recording studio.

4. Professional equipment. 

Obviously your explainer video’s voiceover quality will hinge largely on the kind of gear you use to record it. In reality you could create your voiceover using nothing more than a windscreen, pocket recorder and headphones but that is the wrong answer when you are creating a video that will introduce you to prospects. Professional voiceover talent will use good gear and when you hire a professional, you won’t have to invest money in purchasing recording equipment for a one-off narration.

Next steps.

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If motion design is your explainer video’s face, the voiceover is your video’s backbone. But don’t forget voiceover isn’t the only part of your video’s audio that you have to think about. Explainer video background music and sound effects play a huge role in the tone of your video and whether the final product is amazing or a complete flop. But before you move on to our article about choosing magnetic background music, check out some of our favorites explainer videos with awesome voiceovers below.

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