Animated Demo Videos – Case Study…How we helped Office Depot

  ANIMATED DEMO VIDEOS – A CASE STUDY WITH OFFICE DEPOT The Challenge How do we educate website visitors all about Office Depot’s wide variety of products and services while...
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The Challenge

How do we educate website visitors all about Office Depot’s wide variety of products and services while keeping them engaged and interested in taking the next step?

The Solution

OD 2 250x356 Animated Demo Videos   Case Study...How we helped Office Depot We produced a series of animated demo videos all geared towards helping the viewer better understand all the integral features of Office Depot’s vast array of products and services. Some of the videos were value proposition pitches or “Explainer Videos” which talk about key features and benefits. While other videos were more straightforward “How To Videos” which walk viewers through how to use key features of their website. We even produced video content for an upcoming national trade show and one promoting a recent partnership. Every video we produced was centered around simplifying and reducing confusion. The results were less confusion and more conversions. Office Depot Inc. employs more than 65,000 people in 59 countries and records annual sales of $14 billion. With 2,200 retail stores, a host of e-commerce websites, and a business-to-business sales organization. Office Depot came to DemoFlick with a desire to better explain its vast array of products and services. As a full-service video production & marketing agency with experience producing similar videos for hundreds of other companies, we were excited to take on this challenge. We knew that the key to helping them was to produce concise videos that explained their products and services in a clear and simple manner. In the following pages, you’ll learn about the animated demo videos and explainer videos we created, the strategies surrounding each production, and the tactics we took to achieve the ultimate goal of helping Office Depot effectively and efficiently explain its products and services and help them win more business. Throughout the project, we worked with Office Depot directly and were delighted to provide them with our streamlined production process, which includes Concept Creation, Script Writing, Voice Over Work, Illustration, and Animation. B2b Explainer Video | Office Depot _ Flex Plan from demoflick on Vimeo.

Flex Plan Animated Video

Purchasing office supplies for your business can be a hassle — and overwhelming. That’s why Office Depot created the Flex Plan, which offers business customers customized pricing for the supplies they buy most. With many similar programs available from competitors, Office Depot desired a straightforward and informative video to explain their Flex Plan, its value and ease of use. We opted to produce an Explainer Video that detailed all the features and benefits of the Office Depot Flex Plan. We chose a blend of characters and motion graphics. The result was an easy to understand Explainer Video that has really helped Office Depot engage more visitors.

B2B Product Feature Videos

Providing value to its business customers has long been a key strategy for Office Depot. We had the opportunity to highlight two of its key business-focused features — Same Day, In-Store Pickup and Store Purchasing Cards. We took a straightforward approach to communicate the value of these services for Office Depot’s customers. Office Depot | Store Purchasing Card from demoflick on Vimeo.


We helped Office Depot communicate to its business customers that the Store Purchasing Card provides deep discounts and are extremely easy to use whether shopping in-store or online. The goal was to show how easy it was to sign up for a SPC card and then outline all the benefits that the customers receive by signing up. We helped develop key benefits and brought those to life through animation. Office Depot | Motion Graphic Explainer Video (In Store Pick-Up) from demoflick on Vimeo.


While e-commerce shopping is clearly a valuable tool for Office Depot customers, many businesses still require the ability to pick up their items in-store and in short order. We distilled this with key features. We produced several different lengths of the In-Store pick up video so the client could leverage the content within its advertising campaign. We first produced a 60-second version before condensing the message into shorter vignettes that were 15 and 30 seconds each so the client could use the videos within a pre-roll online ad campaign. What is Workplace Interiors by Office Depot | Explainer Video from demoflick on Vimeo.

Explainer Video – Workplace Interiors

Cost savings, efficiency, and control are three of the key elements Office Depot’s customers are looking for when shopping. That’s why it created Workspace Interiors — a division that provides exclusive office furniture brands to its business segment. We produced an Explainer Video which outlines the specific process a customer goes through from initial engagement to purchase. Office Depot | Store Purchasing Card from demoflick on Vimeo.

Web Tutorial Video – How to Order

Often, clients aren’t necessarily in need of a flashy marketing videos, but instead need a straightforward and easy-to-follow tutorial video to showcase the true value of a feature or a service. With its Order by Number feature within its business customer e-commerce experience, that’s exactly what Office Depot needed. In a very strategic way we were able to enable viewers to better understand all the nuances in ordering by item number on Office Depot’s website. This quick tutorial video gives the viewer a better overall understanding of the nuances of the Office Depot website.


With Office Depot, the goal was clear: take their feature-heavy products and services and find the best way to efficiently and effectively communicate their message in easy to understand terms. Plus increase viewership and understanding of each offering. We’re proud that we have been able to help Office Depot take care of business. Over the course of one year we have produced over 40 videos. Our contribution to this project has enabled Office Depot to help their customers better understand all the details that go into each product & service. It’s our ability to lead clients through their projects — from concept to script, design, animation, voice session, and production — that drives us on a daily basis and separates us from the rest. If you are interested in learning more about our explainer video marketing services or hearing how we can apply our full-service video solution approach to your business and its needs, then please contact us to learn more.
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