Our Top Animated Explainer Videos for 2018

The first quarter of 2018 is in the books! To reflect, we thought it was appropriate to put together a list of the top animated explainer videos for 2018. In...
top explainer videos 2018
The first quarter of 2018 is in the books! To reflect, we thought it was appropriate to put together a list of the top animated explainer videos for 2018. In this article, you’ll get an inside look on projects we’ve produced so far this year. We’re certainly proud of all our projects, but these three videos are the cream of the crop.  

What goes into creating some of the top animated explainer videos for 2018?



It’s important that we truly understand our client’s value proposition. We spend a lot of time discussing ideas internally and asking questions to our clients. We also have our clients fill out a creative brief. This brief is a key component of the production process.  


It’s important that the client has a vision for their project. There’s no point in producing an explainer video without a specific problem to solve or an area of focus. We always come to the party with ideas. However, our clients’ vision and collaboration improves the final result.  

Attention to Detail

We really put in the time to map out the story and focus on details. It’s the small things that separate a good project from a great one. We spend time developing every aspect of a video. We make sure the visuals are solid and the voice is delivered with perfection. Additionally, the animation is smooth and the music compliments the voice. Lastly, of course, we make sure that the story is effective and engaging.  

Here it is! Our list of top explainer videos for 2018:


Omega Engineering –  Educational based explainer video


Title: What is Pressure?

This is an educational video. Here, we explain how pressure works. This video was used for Omega University. It’s part of a 10 video series that we’re doing.  Educational content is a great way to engage employees and customers.  

CloudLeaf –  Corporate Overview Video


Title: Cloudleaf –  Company Overview

In this video, we used motion graphics to tell the story.  Motion graphics are an effective way to communicate, especially in the tech space. This tech explainer video has all the makings of a great one. It includes stunning visuals and it’s easy to understand. It also helps crystallize the company’s value proposition.      

Office Depot / McDonald’s Partnership Video –   Conference Trade Show Video


Title: Office Depot

Trade show videos are something we produce often. In this video, we explained the benefits that McDonald’s franchise owners receive by shopping at Office Depot. Our approach was to use characters that were both relatable and friendly.  Then, we worked in a few scenarios that the franchiser could relate to.   For example, we addressed:
  • How to make their location more efficient
  • Choosing products that are a good value for the money
  • Making the shopping process better with online ordering

Wrapping up

Ready to get a high-quality video for your business? Here at Demoflick, we work hard to be one of the top explainer video companies. We’re ready to help you with your video marketing. Learn more here.    


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