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Okay, so you probably already know that you need to include video in your content marketing strategy. You also know Demoflick for the explainer videos that we create. But, did...
customer testimonial videos
Okay, so you probably already know that you need to include video in your content marketing strategy. You also know Demoflick for the explainer videos that we create. But, did you know that we also produce live-action corporate videos? A live-action video is powerful and can take your marketing efforts to a whole new level. If you’ve ever been curious about the benefits of corporate videos and customer testimonial videos, this is the article for you.  

Why Invest in Customer Testimonial Videos?

Videos are an engaging marketing tool. However, you might be wondering what makes customer testimonial videos different. Why should you invest in this kind of video content? There are many good reasons. That said, it’s all about creating a genuine connection with your audience. Keep reading to discover the top three ways live-action video can help you create this connection.  

1. Be Relatable

One of the reasons why these videos are so powerful is because they create a human connection. It bridges the gap between your business and your customers. Of course, there is value in other types of content but live-action video content has unique strengths. Your audience gets to see body language, hear the emotion and connect to real stories.  The voice the face the smile it all plays into a story that you are telling.  However, one key aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the client themselves.  We all want the most well-known brand client as our testimonial video.  However, is that person comfortable on camera?  Are they relatable?  Are they likable?  This is a key factor and in some cases, it may make sense to sacrifice the largest name and instead choose a client that is super charismatic, believable, and relatable.  

2. Build Credibility

Customer testimonial videos allow you to build credibility with buyers quickly. They position your business at an expert level. This helps customers trust you. Why? These videos allow your customers to see why they should choose you and how your work makes a difference. Customer testimonial videos give your brand another voice, independent of your other marketing efforts.  But, a big part of building that credibility is asking the right questions to the client.  First off you need to make them feel comfortable and an experienced interviewer or videographer can usually do that by asking a few warm-up questions.  But, the credibility will only be gained if the client is believable.  Does the audience really believe what he or she is saying?  Does it feel authenetic?  If the audience smells a whiff of inauthenticiy they will bounce.  

3. Re-Engage Leads

Customer testimonials videos have the power to help you close sales. The truth is that your buyers have a lot of options. Even if they’ve expressed interest, they could get lost in the decision stage. Don’t leave them unsure about what to choose. You can re-engage leads with live-action corporate videos. Nurture them and get their attention with this type of content.  

See Corporate Video in Action:

We produced this spot for our friends over at Anthem Healthcare. This video was shot on location. We filmed recent graduates of the Anthem sponsored Aging Mastery Program by National Council on Aging. Check it out below.      

Wrapping Up

We know that video content is one of the best marketing tools that your company can invest in. Customer testimonial videos add a personal touch and credibility to your brand. They can captivate your audience in ways that other content can’t. Corporate videos are just another type of content Demoflick creates to help customers win more business. Are you interested in producing a corporate video for your company? Click here to get a quote.    
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