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How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing VideosJust because you’ve created an amazing, engaging, informative video does not mean that you will have viewers banging down your doors...

How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Videos

Just because you’ve created an amazing, engaging, informative video does not mean that you will have viewers banging down your doors begging you to buy your product. There are many other factors that you need to take into consideration in order to make the most of marketing videos for your websites.

List Types of Marketing Videos for Websites

Pretty much any business with a website can use a marketing video for their website, and animated explainer videos are not the only kind that are available to you.

  • Motion graphics explainer video
  • Graphic animation video
  • Business marketing video
  • Corporate marketing video
  • Nonprofit marketing video
  • Software Demo Video
  • Moving image video
  • Human resources (HR) communications video
  • Employee benefits communications video
  • Business overview marketing video
  • Product marketing video
  • Services marketing video
  • Business event marketing video
  • Nonprofit organization overview video
  • B2C business marketing video
  • Company overview video
  • New product marketing video
  • Video brochures
  • Video emails
  • Landing page video
  • Website conversion video
  • Testimonial video
  • Executive interview video
  • Spokesperson video
  • Live action shoots
  • Whiteboard video
  • Animated explainer video
  • Travel destination moving image video
  • Commercial real estate presentation video
  • Event video
  • Trade show video

Whatever the video type, its purpose is to give your viewers a clear understanding of your services or product and communicate how you can add value to their lives.

Video Production

Certainly this is the first and foremost matter that needs consideration. Your business needs to stand for something; if you create a home-made looking video and stamp your brand onto it, that is what your brand will be known for. Your video could be used as a marketing video for websites, but it can also be repurposed for trade shows, email marketing, TV campaigns and other marketing initiatives. Don’t sell yourself short and create a chintzy video when you could create just one really great one that you are proud to show off to the world.

Even a 30-second video spot, if it is professionally produced, can give your website and brand a high-end, high-quality look and feel; and let’s face it, your website is your calling card. If visitors feel like you are cutting corners on your website, they are not going to feel comfortable buying or subscribing to your product.

Website Design

DemoFlick’s team members are experts at producing marketing videos for websites; we’ve been doing it for years. Listen when I tell you: if your website design is old, outdated or slow, your marketing video is not going to do well either. If you have a new website, it needs to be optimized for search engines. That includes:

  • Site maps
  • Load times
  • Navigation
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Quality content

Optimize Your Video for Search & Social

Whether you are using a social platform like YouTube or Vimeo, or a hosting platform like Wistia to share your video online, you need to optimize your marketing video so that people will find it, watch it and share it.

Video title — Your video title is one of the most important components of your video. Like a newspaper headline, it is the lead-in to your video; it needs to grab the viewer’s attention and be powerful enough to compel her to click “play.” Use appropriate keywords in your video title to increase your chances of showing up in search engines for your topic.
Create awesome content — Who is your idea audience? What do they find valuable? How can you offer them value with your video? Make sure your video addresses all of these points.
Include your URL — When creating marketing videos for websites, don’t forget to include your website URL. It does you no good if your viewer is intrigued by your product or service but has no idea where to find you.
Brand your video — You can use your company logo throughout the video or have it appear at strategic moments.
Always link to your website — Especially when using YouTube, use the description box tactically; provide an HTML link to your website at the top of your video description to drive traffic to your website.
Embed your video on your own website — Even if you are using YouTube, you should embed your own website (and vice versa). Besides increasing the length of time people spend on your website, it will help communicate your message in a way that written words can’t.

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