Custom Built Explainer Videos vs. DIY Explainer Video Services

Looking for a custom built explainer video for your website or business? There is a big difference between a custom built explainer video and a DIY one that uses stock...

custom built explainer video Custom Built Explainer Videos vs. DIY Explainer Video Services

Looking for a custom built explainer video for your website or business? There is a big difference between a custom built explainer video and a DIY one that uses stock imagery or one that uses a plug-and-play SaaS to build your website explainer.

What Is So Great About Custom Built Explainer Videos?

Custom Imagery & Motion Graphics

While there are dozens of DIY explainer video SaaS web apps available to help you create an explainer video for your website, they often use stock imagery and stock motion graphics. What that means is, there could be dozens (or hundreds) of other businesses out there using the same motion graphics and imagery as you. That might be ok for one of your less-trafficked web pages but you definitely don’t want to use something like this for your home page or an event like a trade show. Imagine showing up at a trade show with a DIY explainer video and the booth across the way is showcasing their service using the same graphic imagery… it would be like showing up at the prom with the same dress as your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Totally embarrassing.

Powerful Messaging

When you hire a professional video production company to create a custom built explainer video for you, you will have a team of writers and artists at your disposal. For example, DemoFlick’s expertise is building custom explainer videos; we have teams of writers and artists who are passionate about creating smart, effective and memorable explainer videos that actually convert.

Your video’s message is the backbone of your video; without a powerful message, your video will flop. Trusting your explainer video’s message and the method that which it is integrated into your video to a team who is not accustomed to working with video or animations is not the best idea — especially when you plan on using your explainer video as your calling card at a trade show, within a email marketing campaign or other marketing initiative.

Higher Level of Creativity

A custom built explainer video will showcase your services and highlight your products with a higher level of creativity than a DIY explainer video SaaS ever will. Because creating animated explainers is what we do every day, we have a thumb on the pulse of the industry. Understanding what is hot and what is not in the video marketing industry, whether it is commercials, animated demo videos, corporate videos, short films, how-it-works videos, motion graphics or music videos is key to creating content for your business that will continue to entertain and compel your audience to remember your service or product when it is time to make a purchase.

A higher level of creativity will spotlight your products and showcase your services within the optimum view time; besides capturing your audience’s attention, it will keep them captivated longer.

Fresh Perspective

Sometimes explaining what your company does slash creating an elevator pitch for your product or service is more difficult for an internal team than it is for a team looking in from the outside. When you want to squeeze every detail into 90 seconds, you end up muddying the waters and confusing the message. Or worse, you use stale, corporate language, big words and buzz phrases because you think that’s the best way to fit everything into your video spot.

The truth is, sometimes it’s better to leave some things out and only an outside party can tell you the hard truth: your message is confusing, boring or passé.

Video has a greater chance of keeping your audience’s attention, but even video has only a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention and prove you’re the expert, best value, greatest provider or smartest choice. When you opt for a custom built explainer video, you will get a fresh perspective on your company and messaging that will translate into brilliant content that simplifies your message and compels your viewers to take action.

Outsource the Heavy Lifting

Any productivity specialist will tell you that there is no point in putting forth time and effort into doing a job that someone else can do better and faster than you can. When your job is procuring leads, developing software, marketing your business and making sales you most likely do not have the time to create an explainer video for your website — especially if you are not a motion graphics artist, writer or producer. Custom built explainer videos produced by professionals come with teams of creatives who create explainer videos all day every day; they do the heavy lifting so you can keep doing your job and making money for your business.

All in all, a custom-made explainer video is going to outperform a DIY explainer every day of the week.

Have we piqued your interest? Check out our portfolio and give us a call to get started today.

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