Product Demo Script: Golden Rules for Excellent Scripting

So many start-ups struggle because, even though they have an amazing product, they neglect to market it properly. Whether your product is software, a web app or mobile app, or...
So many start-ups struggle because, even though they have an amazing product, they neglect to market it properly. Whether your product is software, a web app or mobile app, or you offer a service such as a web course or membership site, the benefits of having a demo video created for your product or service is tremendous. Today we’re going to talk about creating an awesome product demo script for your demo video creation, so you can be sure when you get into the animation and video production part of the process you are good to go.

Golden Rules of Creating a Product Demo Script

The following are a few benchmarks to keep in mind to be sure that your product demo script covers all of the necessary bases — more specifically, to ensure that the service or product that you are selling is portrayed in the most fun, useful and engaging way possible. Rule No. 1: Your video should be entertaining, even if your product or service is not. Let’s face it, not all products or services are entertaining. But just because your product or service is boring does not mean your video has to be. Rule No. 2: A good script should will give the viewer a bird’s eye view of the overall feel of your product. That doesn’t mean you explain every little nuance and feature; it means your video should assure viewers that you have a high quality product and inform them of what it is that your product does. Rule No. 3: Make sure you have a goal, then go after it. When writing your script, think about what it is that you want to get your viewers to do. Do you want people to give you their email address? Opt in for a free trial? Contact you for a quote? Donate money or time? Once you determine your goal, make sure you ask. You’ve piqued your viewers’ interest in your company, product or service. They want more. Tell them exactly what they should to next to get what they are looking for. Rule No. 4: Pay attention to density, length and tone. In non-technical speech what this means in a nutshell is the number of words in your script should be just enough to make an impact during a video that is about 50 seconds to 90 seconds long. And, the tone of your video should be reflective of the image you want portrayed of your company, product or service. Rule No. 5: Start by telling your viewer what is to come. When the viewer knows exactly what to expect from the video, it takes away the negative anticipation of knowing a sales pitch is coming. Let your viewers know your have a product or service to offer and let the tone and engaging animations pique their interest enough to stay on and find out more. Rule No. 6: Break it down into parts. Write a set of one- to three-word phrases that briefly conveys the information you want people to “get.” Rule No. 7: Write and read. What we mean is write your transition and then read the entire script out loud. Transitions are what bridge the separate parts of your video together. The main transitions of your script will be between the opening sentence and the middle section (the part that conveys the information you want people to “get”), and the middle section and the close. Rule No. 8: Revise. Edit. Revise. Edit. This means go through your script and cut out all of the parts that aren’t 100 percent totally necessary. Every word should matter. Rule No. 9: Go back to No. 1. Re-read your product demo script. Your it should be written in a way that will make your viewers remember the video, be entertained by the video and get the information they need to feel comfortable making the transition from being visitors to paying customers. Your script is the foundation of your video so spending a lot of time on it is normal, no, essential. Take the time to follow these Golden Rules and you’ll reap the rewards of  amazing product demo video creation: high engagement, conversions and sales. Great scripts lead to great videos.  Here are some examples of amazing videos that started with well-written scripts. Interested in a demo video?  Learn more here.
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