How to Track Traffic from YouTube to Your Website

Have you ever wondered how to link to your website from your YouTube video? In this article we are going to show you how to use annotations to link from your YouTube video to your website as well as track exactly how much traffic your video is sending to you. Associated website annotations Associated website […]

Two Quick Tips for Creating Lucrative YouTube Ads

pre roll video production

You know that when you upload your ad to AdWords, it plays across the AdWords video network. Then, content producers are paid when users click on ads that display before or while their YouTube videos play. But how can you maximize the number of high-quality users who will click your ads? Of course, having a firm understanding of […]

YouTube Vs Facebook Analytics: Which Is Better for Measuring Explainer Video Metrics

online video analytics

What matters the most when it comes to your explainer video metrics and which should you use — YouTube or Facebook — to measure your explainer video’s performance? Here’s a quick breakdown that explains a few of the major differences between YouTube’s and Facebook’s analytics tools. A few years back, YouTube views were the most […]

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