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Although startup explainer videos are commonly discussed in the video creation sphere, one type of video people often fail to discuss is the investor pitch deck video. Startups often prepare...
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Although startup explainer videos are commonly discussed in the video creation sphere, one type of video people often fail to discuss is the investor pitch deck video. Startups often prepare a pitch deck consisting of a few slides to showcase their concept and team to potential investors. But raising capital is grueling and time-consuming – investors see tons of pitches day in and day out. How do you stand out from the rest to finally fund your startup? That’s where the investor pitch deck video comes in. Not only do pitch videos allow you to present an idea remotely, but it adds a dynamic element that investors don’t see every day. However, just like pitch decks, there’s a right and wrong way to go about it to nail that video.

Don’t Go the Generic Investor Pitch Deck Route

A generic investor pitch deck is a one-way ticket to getting your idea shut down. This means avoiding generic video creation software that investors have probably seen before. If the point of a video pitch deck is to wow investors, generic just won’t cut it. Instead, focus on finding what is unique about your startup:
  • Tell YOUR unique story.  
  • What are the key differentiators?  What’s the Opportunity?
  • High-quality graphics and animations that represent your team
  • Interesting movement and animations that clearly showcase what problems your startup will solve
  • An animated demo of your product, if applicable

Stay Brief, But Clear

Like a regular pitch deck, your video should be concise and get straight to the point. This means no industry jargon or going off on a tangent about details the investor doesn’t need to know. But keep in mind that your potential investor isn’t necessarily part of your industry. You need to step outside of your bubble and assume they know nothing about your world.  You need to explain the opportunity. Tell them what makes your idea different then the rest. The good news is that animated video can easily showcase complex ideas in a short amount of time, without overwhelming investors with bloated explanations. Whenever possible, use visuals instead of words to communicate these ideas. Here is an overview of what your investor pitch deck video should cover:
  • A short company overview
  • The problem you are solving
  • The solution your startup is offering
  • The market opportunity within your industry
  • Your marketing plan and business model
  • How much money you are asking for
Be sure to close with your contact information so that wowed investors have no issue following up with you!

Tell a Compelling and Memorable Story

Why does video work so well? It tells a story. Stories have compelled people since the beginning of time, and even investors will be more engaged if you use storytelling to showcase your startup. Since you are positioning your startup as a solution to a problem, think of that problem as the ‘conflict’ in a story. Your startup is essentially the hero of that story! Depending on the type of story you want to tell – and how complex it is – different animation styles can be used in your pitch video. Don’t go with a specific style because it’s your favorite, but rather because it will serve your purpose as best as possible.

Convince Investors by Nailing Your Pitch Deck Video

Creating truly unique investor pitch deck videos is one of the best ways to stand out from competing startups. Demoflick can help! Every animated video is custom-made to clearly explain your startup in a compelling way. Contact us today to get a quote.  

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