Client Testimonial Video – What Is It and How Can It Help My Business?

client testimonial videos

A client testimonial video is typically a live action video. It includes a customer or client talking positively about their experience using your product or service. The video is filmed interview-style close up using multiple cameras and b-roll (that’s industry jargon for shots of your office, facility, co-workers, building, etc.). Curious about how client testimonial […]

Customer Testimonial Videos – Tips for Success

customer testimonial videos

Okay, so you probably already know that you need to include video in your content marketing strategy. You also know Demoflick for the explainer videos that we create. But, did you know that we also produce live-action corporate videos? A live-action video is powerful and can take your marketing efforts to a whole new level. […]

Animated Client Testimonial Video – How can it help my brand?

animated client testimonial video

What is an Animated Client Testimonial Video?  It’s a client testimonial video of a satisfied client talking about their experience with your company.  It’s a hot trend in video marketing these days.  Using your client’s positive comments or feedback about your brand to help add credibility and hopefully give that prospect a nudge to sign […]

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