Case Study – DemoFlick Video Propels Voicea’s Marketing Campaign

voicea explainer video

In early 2019, Voicea came to us to produce a video that would outline the features of their Intelligent Assistant app. Endearingly named Eva, the app captures important data from your meetings, take notes, and even flags important key phrases or names. Later, those notes are transcribed by Voicea, and can be reviewed, edited, and […]

Marketing Video – 4 Things You Didn’t Know

marketing video

Marketing videos are one of the hottest marketing tools if done correctly.   Websites are publishing them on conversion pages. Companies are using them at trade shows. Businesses are using them for pre-roll ads on YouTube and Instagram. While you could try to create a marketing video for your business yourself, there are a few reasons […]

Why Choose DemoFlick to Produce your Explainer Video?

why choose demoflick?

There are many reasons to choose DemoFlick.  Here are 12 great reasons to choose us produce your explainer video.  Still have questions?  Visit our portfolio to see our work.   Award Winning – We are a National Award Winning Video Explainer Video Production Company. Custom, Custom, Custom – We provide 100% custom artwork based on […]

Fintech Explainer Videos – Financial Technology Explained

fintech explainer video

Fintech explainer videos can help any Fintech firm help further communicate their offering in easy to understand terms.  Fintech has emerged over the last year as having the potential to be a true disrupter within the financial and banking industry. The old guard is taking notice. Some of the well-known Fintech companies include Venmo, Wealthfront, […]

Explainer Video Strategy – 3 Questions to Answer Before Production

video production questions

Here are some important questions to consider before beginning production of your explainer video. 1. How will you focus your explainer video on your customer? Want your content to drive more traffic, convert views into leads and leads into sales? Before you start the production of your explainer video, you need to first find the […]

Why You Need an Explainer Video on Your Product Page

If you want to increase product sales, recent studies say that you should include explainer video on your product pages. A Liveclicker survey noted that retailers could increase their average order value (AOV) by 50% by adding an explainer video on the homepage of their site. In addition to this, the survey discovered that retailers […]

Explainer Video Highlight: Your Business’ Point of Differentiation

Explainer Video Highlight: Doubletake Offers Helping users better understand what your business does and how it can help them is one of the keys to a successful explainer video. Here, accomplishes their purpose without a hitch. helps consumers save money on everyday items and activities; it also helps them discover active, locally owned […]

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