Patient Education Videos – How Can They Help Both Patients and Practitioners

patient education videos

Patient Education Videos.  What are they anyway and how can they help? Patient Education Videos are an amazing tool to combat confusion.  How can your team of medical professionals better educate patients in order to minimize fear and confusion, reduce the workload of practitioners, and empower patients in their own healthcare journey? When done right, […]

Animated Explainer Videos – Supercharge Your Conversions

How to Supercharge Your Animated Explainer Video?  The answer: there are many ways. To be certain that your animated explainer video stands out from the Internet clutter, use these marketing and SEO strategies to give your animated explainer video a boost. 1. Create a campaign around your animated explainer video. You have a greater chance […]

Bite-Size Guide to Choosing the Right Animation Style for Your Explainer Video

If you’re thinking about producing an animated explainer video or even a live action explainer video, you know there are many choices to make. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right animation style. Why? The animation style you choose can have a big impact on whether or not the video connects with […]

How to Develop a Killer Concept for Your B2b Animated Video

explainer video companies

A SOLID B2b ANIMATED VIDEO CONCEPT HINGES ON YOUR MESSAGE B2b Animated Video…How do I develop one that will engage our visitors? Do a search on any topic on the Internet and you will find thousands upon thousands of articles. But did you know your brain is innately wired to be attracted to motion? No wonder […]

What is a Mobile App Demo Video?

Have a mobile app and need to demonstrate how it works?   No Problem!  Demoflick can help with our super creative Mobile App Demo Videos.  Below is an example of Mobile App Demo Videos we produced in 2019.   The first example is for Registria a company that allows products to be registered using their app.   The […]

Animated Demo Videos – Case Study…How we helped Office Depot

animated demo video, explainer video case study

  ANIMATED DEMO VIDEOS – A CASE STUDY WITH OFFICE DEPOT The Challenge How do we educate website visitors all about Office Depot’s wide variety of products and services while keeping them engaged and interested in taking the next step? The Solution We produced a series of animated demo videos all geared towards helping the […]

Medical Video Production – 5 Creative Ways to Use Video

medical video production

Medical Video Production – There are many industries that benefit from using animation and explainer videos. Are explainer videos a good investment for healthcare companies? We’re seeing medical video production shift and more companies are going this route. An animated video is a great tool for improving processes, training or marketing. Why should you use […]

Animated Client Testimonial Video – How can it help my brand?

animated client testimonial video

What is an Animated Client Testimonial Video?  It’s a client testimonial video of a satisfied client talking about their experience with your company.  It’s a hot trend in video marketing these days.  Using your client’s positive comments or feedback about your brand to help add credibility and hopefully give that prospect a nudge to sign […]

Blockchain Explainer Video – 2 Examples to Inspire You

blockchain explainer video

In recent weeks we have produced several cryptocurrency explainer videos for various tokens and exchanges.  Most are still in production, so we will be releasing those videos once they are fully baked.  But, we did recently complete a blockchain explainer video for our friends over at Theta Token.  This token can only be purchased internationally […]

Buyer Beware – is misrepresenting themselves as DemoFlick

We are writing this blog post to inform both our customers and prospects that there is a company out there called this is posing as us.  They have stolen our website content, design,  work material, videos and are intentionally misleading customers by posing as us.  We will be pursuing legal action.  It’s unbelievable to imagine […]

WOW! Case Study – The Toyota Way – Explainer Video Case Study

Explainer Video Case Study   We recently produced this amazing explainer video case study all about the video we produce for our friends over at Toyota.  We were tasked with the goal of telling Toyota’s story to kids.  Even though we produce cartoons regularly our explainer videos are typically produced for adults and often times they […]

Why Choose DemoFlick to Produce your Explainer Video?

why choose demoflick?

There are many reasons to choose DemoFlick.  Here are 12 great reasons to choose us produce your explainer video.  Still have questions?  Visit our portfolio to see our work.   Award Winning – We are a National Award Winning Video Explainer Video Production Company. Custom, Custom, Custom – We provide 100% custom artwork based on […]

Animated Video Production

animated video production

Get a custom animated video production. If you’re here you probably understand that a custom animated video for your website can communicate your message in a way that the written word cannot. If you didn’t already know it, animated video production uses compelling imagery, voiceover and music to create a simple message you can use […]

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