How long should your explainer video be?

explainer video length

Explainer Videos and length are a common question.  Your audience has a short attention span, and explainer videos are an effective way to retain that attention and stand out from the crowd. But even explainer videos aren’t magic. The key to retaining maximal engagement is to create explainer videos at the optimal length.  But, what […]

Corporate Video Production Company – 5 Key Questions to Ask

corporate video production company

Finding a corporate video production company can be a challenge, especially one that understands your services.  You don’t have time to babysit your vendors and it takes a lot of time and energy to find the right company to help with your production. The truth is there are a lot of companies out there but […]

Tips for Creating Professional Looking Videos for Instagram

professional looking video for instagram

Professional looking videos for Instagram.  Where do you get them produced?   Just because you are recording the video on your phone doesn’t meant your Instagram videos have to look unprofessional. In fact, when done correctly, your business can benefit hugely by creating and sharing professional-looking videos on Instagram. Here are five secrets to creating and […]

What we’ve learned after years of making animation videos

Learning about Animated Videos

Here’s the deal – at DemoFlick, we may be an animated video production company, but you’d be surprised by the wide range of knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. We’ve worked with a range of clients in various industries, and each client has their own specialty, from biochemical engineering to financial investment.  We ask questions… […]

Case Study – DemoFlick Video Propels Voicea’s Marketing Campaign

voicea explainer video

In early 2019, Voicea came to us to produce a video that would outline the features of their Intelligent Assistant app. Endearingly named Eva, the app captures important data from your meetings, take notes, and even flags important key phrases or names. Later, those notes are transcribed by Voicea, and can be reviewed, edited, and […]

What is Motion Graphics?

motion graphics video

You may have heard the terms motion graphics or motion graphics video tossed around. They’re one of the most commonly used animation styles for marketing videos, especially in the technology sector. But now motion graphics videos are making their way into other spheres as well – even in keynote presentations. And that’s great news. So […]

Live Action Client Testimonials – Video Production Process

Video Production Process – Live Action Client Testimonial Video Step 1:  Pre Production Call with Client to discuss Shot List, Location, Possible Shoot Dates, Style & Project Scope. Step 2: Location Scout –  Typically (but not always) we will send a production member to the location of the video shoot so we have a good […]

Why You Should Be Enhancing Inbound Marketing with Explainer Videos

Enhancing Inbound Marketing with Explainer Videos…Here’s some great tips. Every business needs customers to thrive. No customers, no business simple as that. Attracting customers is the ultimate goal of every business. So, how do you attract more customers? One trend gaining traction is to enhance your inbound marketing efforts by adding an explainer video.    […]

Client Testimonial – Demoflick

We love it when our clients have nice things to say about us.  Here are a few testimonials from two very satisfied clients. CLIENT TESTIMONIAL:    

How to Reach Your Target Audience More of the Time

reach your target audience

Learn how to develop content, give value to your audience and partner with YouTube influencers in order to promote your brand. Below are three super tips for you to reach your audience more of the time. Tip #1: Your Channel, Your Audience and Value Proposition You need to determine your goals and build a presence on YouTube. Do […]

5 Lessons Snapchat Can Teach Us About B2B Marketing

snapchat and marketing

For those of you who have not heard of Snapchat yet, it is a video messaging app that allows users to record videos, take photos and add drawings and text to them, then send those visual messages to a controlled list of recipients. Those messages can be set to  disappear up to 10 seconds after […]

Livestream Marketing – 5 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Live Stream Video

livestream marketing

Livestream Marketing –  Meerkat and Periscope are skyrocketing live stream video’s popularity by giving anyone with a smartphone the ability to view and create it. But did you know businesses can leverage live stream apps for marketing purposes? Here is a list of our favorite 5 ways you can make use of live stream video to create […]

Two Simple Ways to Improve Your How-To and Instructional Videos

educational videos and how to videos

When done correctly, how-to and instructional videos are some of the most effective kinds of video you can produce. If you have a product or service, there are most likely people out there who are searching for videos about how to use it. But, if you create and publish poorly executed how-to videos, you may […]

How to Create Engaging Live Stream Content that Sells

The introduction of Periscope and Meerkat has made it even easier to entertain and engage fans and followers with live stream content. If you want to go beyond mere entertainment and capitalize on this treasure chest of viewers for your business, you have to have a powerful strategy in place. Here are a few powerful tips to […]

Three Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Channel For Better Ranking

It goes without saying, if you want your video content to be discovered on the world’s largest video sharing site, it needs to be optimized for search. YouTube’s search algorithm is based on hundreds of search points, but don’t feel overwhelmed. There are three key places where you can leverage keywords to increase your chance of ranking […]

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