On-Site Videos vs. Social Media Videos –  What are the Key Differentiators?

onsite video vs. social media videos

There has been a lot of discussion about the difference between videos that sit on your website ie. “on-site video” vs. videos that play on social media “social media videos” So, we wanted to clear up the confusion right here.  Below, you’ll find a list of the key differentiators and some useful business video tips.  […]

Tips for Creating Professional Looking Videos for Instagram

professional looking video for instagram

Professional looking videos for Instagram.  Where do you get them produced?   Just because you are recording the video on your phone doesn’t meant your Instagram videos have to look unprofessional. In fact, when done correctly, your business can benefit hugely by creating and sharing professional-looking videos on Instagram. Here are five secrets to creating and […]

Client Testimonial – Demoflick

We love it when our clients have nice things to say about us.  Here are a few testimonials from two very satisfied clients. CLIENT TESTIMONIAL:    

Blockchain Explainer Video – 2 Examples to Inspire You

blockchain explainer video

In recent weeks we have produced several cryptocurrency explainer videos for various tokens and exchanges.  Most are still in production, so we will be releasing those videos once they are fully baked.  But, we did recently complete a blockchain explainer video for our friends over at Theta Token.  This token can only be purchased internationally […]

What is an App Preview Demo Video?

What is an App Preview Video?  There has been a lot of talk about it lately.  Well it’s a App Preview Demo Video is a short demo video of your app that displays it’s functionality using high resolution screen captures.  It’s very useful and informative for anyone interested in possibly downloading your mobile app.  In […]

Why SEO and Video Marketing Go Hand in Hand

video marketing and SEO

SEO and video marketing are meant to be together, despite some of the current online marketing buzz saying otherwise. While some people think that content marketing makes SEO obsolete, the truth is that they complement each other. You need both SEO and content marketing in order to drive traffic to your site. Video marketing is […]

Livestream Marketing – 5 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Live Stream Video

livestream marketing

Livestream Marketing –  Meerkat and Periscope are skyrocketing live stream video’s popularity by giving anyone with a smartphone the ability to view and create it. But did you know businesses can leverage live stream apps for marketing purposes? Here is a list of our favorite 5 ways you can make use of live stream video to create […]

4 Awesome Ways to Use Instagram for Marketing

instagram video marketing

Instagram video marketing is a hotbed of commerce, but businesses are just now starting to use it to its fullest sales potential. While it was started as a photo-sharing social network, you can now record and share videos up to 15 seconds long on Instagram. While that might seem like a limitation for businesses, it […]

6 Simple Steps from YouTube Video Marketing Boston firm Demoflick

youtube video marketing boston

YouTube video marketing Boston firm DemoFlick is here to help with some great educational content.  The road to video marketing success is highly competitive. Companies of all sizes are focusing their attention – and their marketing budgets – on producing and publishing high-quality, creative and viral video advertisements online. Big budget or no, you do not have to miss […]

Best Video Ad Networks & What You Should Look For

video ad networks

What are the best Video Ad Networks?  What should you look for? When we think of using online video to promote business, social networks like YouTube and Vimeo come to mind. But how often do startups and established companies think of video advertising networks? Here’s a list of some of the best video ad networks […]

Legal Marketing: Explainer Video for Legal Niche Markets

legal marketing

Whether big or small, most companies market their services to very specific target audiences. From local businesses to big brands, companies maximize their marketing effectiveness by pinpointing market segments, tackling different needs for each target group. Legal marketing isn’t exempt from this fact. From criminal defense law firms to international tax law firms, understanding how […]

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