Product Demo Script: Golden Rules for Excellent Scripting

So many start-ups struggle because, even though they have an amazing product, they neglect to market it properly. Whether your product is software, a web app or mobile app, or you offer a service such as a web course or membership site, the benefits of having a demo video created for your product or service […]

Animated Demo Videos – Case Study…How we helped Office Depot

animated demo video, explainer video case study

  ANIMATED DEMO VIDEOS – A CASE STUDY WITH OFFICE DEPOT The Challenge How do we educate website visitors all about Office Depot’s wide variety of products and services while keeping them engaged and interested in taking the next step? The Solution We produced a series of animated demo videos all geared towards helping the […]

Explainer Video Strategy – 3 Questions to Answer Before Production

video production questions

Here are some important questions to consider before beginning production of your explainer video. 1. How will you focus your explainer video on your customer? Want your content to drive more traffic, convert views into leads and leads into sales? Before you start the production of your explainer video, you need to first find the […]

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