Remote Produced Client Testimonial Videos

So what are Remote Produced Client Testimonial Videos?  A client’s experience is the most powerful tool we have to help in our marketing efforts.  When a happy client shares their experience it can be very authentic and powerful.    Finding a client that will agree is hard enough but then finding the right crew and […]

Corporate Video Production – The Five Golden Rules

Corporate Video Production –  So what are the Five Golden Rules to a successful production?  When creating a corporate explainer video, ensuring you convey your message successfully can be a tricky business. Your corporate video production probably needs to deliver a very specific message to a certain set of people with a particular goal in mind. Whether you want people […]

Patient Education Videos – How Can They Help Both Patients and Practitioners

patient education videos

Patient Education Videos.  What are they anyway and how can they help? Patient Education Videos are an amazing tool to combat confusion.  How can your team of medical professionals better educate patients in order to minimize fear and confusion, reduce the workload of practitioners, and empower patients in their own healthcare journey? When done right, […]

Animated Explainer Videos – Supercharge Your Conversions

How to Supercharge Your Animated Explainer Video?  The answer: there are many ways. To be certain that your animated explainer video stands out from the Internet clutter, use these marketing and SEO strategies to give your animated explainer video a boost. 1. Create a campaign around your animated explainer video. You have a greater chance […]

Medical Explainer Videos…Three Ways to Use Them Effectively

Medical Explainer Videos.  Why do I need one?   Medical companies & healthcare organizations are using explainers videos and animation videos for all kinds of uses.  Whether it be patient communication or a value proposition pitch video animation certainly has its place within healthcare.  Below are several examples of medical & healthcare videos that we […]

Mobile App Demo Videos – Boost Downloads and App Retention

Mobile App Demo Videos –  Launching an app is a big undertaking.  How do you build up enthusiasm and excitement when launching a mobile app – while simultaneously educating users on its features? Mobile app demo videos might just be what your app needs. What are Mobile App Demo Videos? Mobile app demo videos outline […]

Explainer Video Example from DemoFlick

explainer video example

Explainer Video Example – We recently completed this explainer video for our client Mihi Software.  The goal was to explain our client’s service in 60-80 seconds or less.  We used a blend of motion graphics and characters to explain our client’s value proposition.  An impactful explainer video will have a strong open which could include […]

Why Cheap Explainer Video Animation Costs Much More Than You Might Think

So full disclosure.  We produce custom animated premier explainer videos.  But, we wondered if you have you ever been tempted by a company or freelancer offering to create an explainer video animation for $500 or $100 or less in just a few days? Cheap explainer video animation – whether offered by a business or created […]

Product Demo Script: Golden Rules for Excellent Scripting

So many start-ups struggle because, even though they have an amazing product, they neglect to market it properly. Whether your product is software, a web app or mobile app, or you offer a service such as a web course or membership site, the benefits of having a demo video created for your product or service […]

How to Track Traffic from YouTube to Your Website

Have you ever wondered how to link to your website from your YouTube video? In this article we are going to show you how to use annotations to link from your YouTube video to your website as well as track exactly how much traffic your video is sending to you. Associated website annotations Associated website […]

Bite-Size Guide to Choosing the Right Animation Style for Your Explainer Video

If you’re thinking about producing an animated explainer video or even a live action explainer video, you know there are many choices to make. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right animation style. Why? The animation style you choose can have a big impact on whether or not the video connects with […]

Manufacturing Explainer Videos – Everything You Need to Know

manufacturing explainer videos

Manufacturing Explainer Videos.  What are they? Let’s face it selling manufacturing products requires a way to stand out from other manufacturing companies and ensure your brand gets remembered. Manufacturing explainer videos showcasing your manufacturing company are a compelling method to achieve this. Manufacturing explainer videos are the answer.  But how do you make a lasting […]

Investor Pitch Deck Videos – Nail your Pitch with a Video

investor pitch video

Although startup explainer videos are commonly discussed in the video creation sphere, one type of video people often fail to discuss is the investor pitch deck video. Startups often prepare a pitch deck consisting of a few slides to showcase their concept and team to potential investors. But raising capital is grueling and time-consuming – […]

Best Explainer Videos – Rosco Labs Explainer Video honored DesignRush

best explainer videos

The Best Explainer Videos?  Where do you find them?  Great news!  A video design recently produced by Demoflick for Rosco Labs has been honored as one of the best explainer videos according to DesignRush.  In the upcoming article, Demoflick and the Rosco Labs Explainer Video will be mentioned and listed as one of The Best Explainer […]

Screencast Videos – How to kick up the production level!

screencast videos

If you’ve never heard of a screencast video, they’re an entirely different product than animated explainers, because they focus more on the technicalities of platform or APP rather than serve as a forward-facing marketing tool. Screencast videos are built with high-end HD video capturing software in combination with light animation and professional voiceovers. Unlike animated […]

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